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With a huge increase in new products and demand over the past 12 months, WiFi speakers are quickly surpassing their Bluetooth counterparts as the more popular wireless option. One of the more well-known WiFi speaker companies is Sonos, which offers products for every room and use in the house. The Sonos Play5 can be used as a standalone speaker or as part of a multi-room speaker setup or home theater system.

We also include the Sonos Play:5 in our list of the top 10 WiFi speakers.

Sonos Play5 Specs

LF Driver:3 x 4” woofers
HF Driver:1 x 1” + 2 x ¾” tweeters
Power Output:Unspecified
Inputs:⅛” AUX, WiFi
Dimensions:14.3” x 8” x 6”
Weight:14 lbs


The Play5 is a powerful speaker with an incredibly stylish and modern appearance. Six internal Class-D amplifiers power a total of six speaker drivers found in the Play5, each of which is operated independently. Three 4-inch low-frequency drivers are located along the front of the speaker to provide the low end. Two 3/4-inch tweeters on the left and right, along with a 1-inch tweeter mounted in the center, are used to cover the high frequencies.

Depending on your preference, the Play5 can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. The speaker configuration of the Play5 produces a stereo image that is noticeably better than most single-source speakers when it is positioned horizontally or on its side. The Play5 turns into a mono speaker when it is placed upright. The Play5 has a built-in gyro, which changes the internal processing to deliver either a stereo or mono image depending on the position the speaker is in. This gives the term “smart speaker” a whole new meaning. When used in conjunction with a second Play5, which we will discuss shortly, the Play5 can still produce a stereo image when positioned vertically.

Sonos Play5


One of the best-sounding WiFi speakers available is the Play5. The woofers deliver a potent, yet controlled and tight low-frequency response that never overwhelms the other frequency ranges. The bass never becomes woozy or distorted; it is deep and punchy. Bass enthusiasts, (some) audiophiles, and most definitely the average consumer will enjoy the low-end that the Play5 produces.

The high-frequency and midrange responses are equally impressive. The speaker has excellent clarity for music and vocals because the mids are upfront and present. The Play5 has incredible intelligibility for all audio formats thanks to the tweeters’ pleasing crispness.

A good sound stage with excellent detail and accuracy is produced by the speaker. The Sonos Play5 delivers a listening experience at the top of the consumer audio spectrum even though it is by no means an audiophile speaker.

The Play5 not only has a beautiful sound, but it also has a lot of power. The Play5’s power output is unknown by Sonos, but I would guess that it is between 50 and 80 watts. Definitely enough to comfortably fill the majority of medium- to large-sized living spaces.

Sonos Play 5 Back

Inputs & Controls

With the Play5, Sonos has chosen to keep things simple by only including a 1/8-inch AUX input, WiFi, and Ethernet connections. The Play5 has a total of six internal antennas, enabling the speaker to provide superior connectivity with no dropouts (provided, of course, that it is within range of your WiFi network). Users of Apple devices can also connect using Airplay.

The Play5 can be managed either through the Sonos App or the onboard touch-sensitive pads. On the top of the Play5, close to the Sonos logo, are the onboard controls, which are neatly hidden. On either side of the center touch-sensitive button are two other touch-sensitive buttons. Play/Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Next Track, and Previous Track are all functions. Track skip is accomplished by swiping from one-touch control to the other, while volume is controlled by tapping either touch control.

The join button for joining another Play5, a Sonos Sub, or the entire Play speaker network, including in a home theater surround sound setup, is located on the back of the Play5.

You must download the Sonos App in order to use all of the features and controls. You can use the app to link, control, and manage multiple Sonos speakers, change audio settings, and more. You can also connect your preferred streaming services through it.

Multi-Speaker Setup

The ability to set up multiple rooms or speakers with a Sonos speaker is its best feature. You can connect two Play5 speakers for a straightforward stereo setup. When two Play5 speakers are connected, you get better and clearer stereo imaging than when using just one speaker. If you want to set up a multi-room Sonos speaker system and place the Play5 speakers in various rooms, you can perform a mono link of the speakers. You can also pair a Play1 or Play3 with a Play5 for multi-room setups.

The Play5 can be used as a front left/right or rear surround in a home theater setup when paired with the Sonos Playbar. Due to the speakers’ incredible power, I would only use the Play5 in a home theater setup for larger rooms as they may be overkill in small to medium-sized living spaces. Consider using Play1 or Play speakers in the smaller living spaces.

Although the Play5 has an excellent low-end response, the sub-bass frequency range is where it falls short. The Play5 can be paired with the Sonos Sub if you want more bass. The Sonos Sub connects wirelessly to other Sonos speakers, just like the rest of the Sonos lineup, for a simple plug-and-play setup.

What You Will Recieve

  • Sonos Play5
  • Power cable
  • Ethernet cable


The Sonos Play5 (or any Sonos speaker, for that matter) is unquestionably worth consideration if you’re looking for a WiFi speaker. The speaker has fantastic audio quality with flawless frequency balance. You can expand your WiFi speaker network as you go because Sonos has made multi-room and multi-speaker setups so simple. The Sonos product line has a solution for every use, whether it be a stereo pair, multiple speakers, or surround sound setup. And they all have fantastic sounds! The Play5 is reasonably priced in comparison to rivals Bose, Klipsch, and other brands at under $340.

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