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Audeze iSINE LX In-Ear Headphone Review

One of the more intriguing headphone brands to appear in recent years is Audeze. The company’s SINE headphone series, which incorporates the company’s cutting-edge planar magnetic driver technology, is its most well-known product. Planar magnetic drivers are actually present in every pair of Audeze headphones, even the in-ear models. Even though it costs just under $200, the Audeze iSINE LX In-Ear Headphone is the least expensive Audeze model.

Audeze iSine LX specs

Type:In-ear semi-open back
Cable or Wireless:Cable
Transducer Type:Planar magnetic
Primary Build Material:Plastic
Color:Black with white trim
Audeze iSINE LX

Planar Magnetic Drivers

It’s likely that you haven’t heard of planar magnetic drivers if you haven’t heard of Audeze before reading this article. Although both planar magnetic drivers and ribbon drivers are thin, flexible membranes, they perform slightly different functions.

The flexible membrane that the voice coil is printed or mounted on is a feature of the planar magnetic driver. The membrane vibrates as a result of current flowing through it, creating an audible sound. In comparison to a conventional coil-driven flat diaphragm, the sound produced is more accurate, and detailed, and produces less resonance. Planar magnetic headphones are preferred by audiophiles because of their precision and detail.


The extremely well-liked iSINE 10 and iSINE 20—possibly the best in-ear headphones on the market—were the inspiration for the iSINE LX. The iSINE LX is meant to serve as a more affordable entry-level choice for those seeking the Audeze experience.

Each earbud in the Audeze iSINE LX has a 30mm planar magnetic driver. The iSINE LX is a much larger in-ear headphone than the average one because it uses such sophisticated headphone drivers. How does this affect the sound quality? The outcomes are incredibly good for in-ear headphones. There are some shortcomings, though, particularly when compared to the pricey iSINE 10 and iSINE 20 models.

The iSINE LX lacks a little bit of low-end response in comparison to the iSINE 10 and 20. Even though other in-ear headphones at this price point have significantly better bass, the Audeze headphones’ bass is not up to the standard we’ve come to expect from them. Although the iSINE LX offers a detailed sound stage and a clean midrange and high range, it falls far short of the superior performance offered by the iSINE 10 and 20.

The iSINE LX headphones are well-balanced and enjoyable to listen to overall, but they are unquestionably not as exciting as the more expensive models. Having said that, you wouldn’t anticipate them to sound the same as the iSINE 10 or 20 at more than half the price. Later in this article, we’ll talk more about these premium options.

A detachable, non-microphonic Y-split headphone cable is standard with the iSINE LX. As there is no inline microphone or control on the standard cable, the headphones can only be used as a listening device. The Y-split on the cable is not very wide and cannot be adjusted, which is a problem. This means that if you have a wide head or a long neck, the cable may feel a little constricting there.

Audeze iSINE LX Cable

The iSINE LX can be purchased with a Cipher Lightning cable for an additional $60 if you have an Apple device with a lightning port. The Cipher cable has an integrated remote control and microphone for hands-free calling and speaking to Siri. The Cipher cable also features a built-in DAC for better call and audio quality.

You can access a number of features and controls on your connected device using the four buttons on the Cipher remote. These include track rewind/fast-forward, volume up/down, volume up/volume down, play/pause, previous track, next track, activate Siri, and call management.

Regarding comfort and fit, Audeze has done a fantastic job with the iSINE LX. The silicone ear tips on each earbud fit snugly inside the ear and provide excellent passive isolation. You can find the perfect fit for you with the iSINE LX because it comes in a variety of ear tip sizes. The iSINE LX also includes removable ear hooks to keep the headphones firmly in place. The iSINE LX is larger than the average in-ear headphone, but despite this, they are surprisingly light and outperform most of the competition in terms of comfort.

iSINE 10 & iSINE 20

The world’s first planar magnetic in-ear headphones were the iSINE 10 and 20. These headphones produce nothing less than spectacular sound quality. More expansive soundstage and flat frequency response were achieved with this in-ear headphone than with any other in the past. The iSINE 10 and iSINE 20 each had an impedance of 16 ohms and 24 ohms, respectively, just like the iSINE LX. The iSINE 20’s improved impedance is what gave the headphones their superior sound stage and listening quality.

What You Will Recieve

  • Audeze iSINE LX Headphones
  • 2 x ear hooks
  • Assorted silicone ear tips
  • Carry pouch
  • Shirt clip for cable


The iSINE LX is a great place to start if you’re looking for an Audeze listening experience at an “affordable” price. Although the iSINE LX is based on the iSINE 10 and 20, the listening experience in no way resembles the more expensive models. However, the iSINE LX sounds noticeably superior to the majority of in-ear headphones priced under $200. The iSINE LX is the way to go if you’re looking for a good in-ear headphone for less than $200. The iSINE 20 is the best in-ear headphone currently available if that’s what you’re looking for.

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