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Sivga sv021 Review

Sivga sv021

Frequency ResponseOpen or Closed-BackSensitivityImpedance
20Hz – 20kHzClosed-Back105dB32Ω

For less than $200, the Sivga sv021 provides a premium closed-back option. The earcups’ wooden backs add a lovely aesthetic, and the protein leather padding makes them incredibly comfortable. The sound quality of the SV021 is impressive overall, but there is a slight lack of definition in the mids and an audible peak in the upper mids.

In the realm of audio gear, Sivga has garnered a reputation for producing high-quality headphones that combine exceptional sound performance with exquisite craftsmanship. The Sivga SV021 is the latest addition to their esteemed lineup, aiming to deliver an unparalleled listening experience for discerning audiophiles. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the features and performance of the Sivga SV021, showcasing why it is a worthy contender in the competitive world of premium headphones.


The Sivga sv021’s wooden earcups, which come in brown and black, set it apart from most other headphones on the market in terms of design. The most popular option is brown wood, which pairs beautifully with lighter wood room decor, particularly with the tan headband. The lighter tones of the brown version, however, can easily feel out of place if your decor is darker.

Although the black version is less visually appealing, it fits in with most interiors and blends well with darker décor. Even though it is called “black,” the earcup still has a woodgrain finish, albeit one that is much darker and has a matte paint finish. Therefore, the accents that make wooden earcups so appealing will still be present. It is important to note that fingerprints on the earcups can be very noticeable in areas with good lighting.

The headband itself is made of high-quality protein leather, and the frame connecting the earcup to it is made of lightweight but sturdy metal. This gives you some incredibly plush cushioning that feels wonderful against your skin.

The same protein leather that covers the headband and inside of the earcups gives the headphones a very appealing visual balance. Both models’ colored wooden earcups add a lovely finishing touch to the headphone’s overall design.

SIVGA SV021 Side


Sivga stands out in the Chinese headphone market for its more handcrafted approach to audio gear. With these headphones, you won’t experience cheap plastic or loose contacts. Instead, you’ll discover a lower price point and an overall build quality that rivals many Western brands.

One thing you’ll notice about the sv021 is how incredibly light they are for headphones. But don’t be fooled by the lightweight aspect; the construction is superior to that of a number of big, heavy headphones I’ve previously used.


Although they don’t seem to be of particularly high quality, the cables also seem more robust than the eye might initially believe. The cable construction is not inherently flawed in any way; it just might not feel as robust or thick in the hand as some other headphones on the market. The jack has a premium feel, and a spring is attached to reduce the possibility of wear on the connection points.

They detach from each earcup individually, which is covered in more detail under the comfort section.


The earcups’ construction feels excellent, and the wood appears to have few flaws. Although the unbelievable softness of the padding around the cups gives the impression that it might be vulnerable to wear, I haven’t heard other customers complain about it.


The headband is made of the same plush materials as the inner earcups and, all things considered, feels incredibly solid and well-made. It doesn’t seem like the headband will be easily damaged. Durable metal is used to connect it to the earcups as well.

SIVGA SV021 Dimensions

Comfort and Convenience

The Sivga SV021 prioritizes user comfort without compromising performance. The lightweight design, combined with the plush ear cushions, ensures a comfortable fit for prolonged use. The adjustable headband allows for a personalized fit, catering to various head shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the SV021 features detachable cables, providing versatility for different listening scenarios. The package includes both a 3.5mm audio cable and a 6.3mm adapter, enabling compatibility with a wide range of devices such as smartphones, laptops, and audio interfaces.


When it comes to sound quality, the Sivga SV021 truly shines. Equipped with high-performance 50mm dynamic drivers, these headphones deliver a remarkable audio experience that is both rich and detailed. The SV021 exhibits a wide soundstage, allowing you to perceive the instruments and vocals with remarkable clarity and separation.

With a frequency response range of 10Hz to 40kHz, the SV021 showcases an impressive ability to reproduce a broad spectrum of sound. Whether you’re listening to the delicate nuances of classical music or the pounding bass of electronic genres, these headphones excel in providing a balanced and immersive listening experience.


Again, since these are closed-back headphones, the soundstage performance needs to be a little more forgiving than with some of the open-back headphones in this category. In general, I thought the soundstage was adequate for most musical genres, but when I tried psytrance, for example, I thought there were some elements that were produced and mixed to sound extremely wide and all-encompassing but felt constrained by that intimate aspect of the sound.

I’ve heard a lot of Sivga recommendations in the electronic music community, but if you’re looking for that extremely wide, spacey, and ethereal sound, I might suggest the Beyerdynamic DT770.

This does not imply, however, that electronic music sounds poor on these headphones. It’s just a more personal experience than an audio journey or exploration.

SIVGA SV021 Full

Frequency Response

All frequencies audible to the human ear are covered by a full frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz. However, the Sivga sv021 has come to be associated with a V-shape when it comes to the sound signature. They almost align a little more like a W-shape, but they aren’t as strong as some other V-shape signatures. In comparison to the upper treble, the mids can sound a little flat, but overall they are still distinct and clear. It didn’t seem like there were any frequencies vying for first place; rather, the mids were just barely competing.

Although the bass is definitely punchy, I used EQ APO to slightly boost the sub-bass (20-40Hz) and raise the upper mid-range (900Hz-3kHz) because I was looking for a bit more of a kick. Due to a slightly pronounced sibilance, I actually slightly lowered the EQ between the 4kHz and 7kHz range. Until I dropped the 4kHZ-5kHZ range, the drum and bass track’s snares were almost agonizing.

Although I wouldn’t advise using the EQ software right away because many users prefer the factory sound of these headphones, the fact that it is available gives you peace of mind because you can easily adjust the sound to your personal preferences. Since music is an art form, everyone has personal preferences.


These headphones are loud right out of the box! Although volume doesn’t necessarily correlate with quality, I’ve had instances where I liked the overall sound quality but it didn’t have the volume I prefer in a headphone. Even running the Sivga sv021 at about 25% system volume, which is what I’ve been doing, can occasionally be a bit much. You won’t in the least be concerned about a lack of volume on these.

Noise Isolation

The Sivga sv021 does not have noise cancellation, but even the isolation could be slightly improved. There is a light leak of sound when the volume is turned up, but you won’t be bothering coworkers across the office or anything.


In the realm of premium headphones, the Sivga SV021 stands out as a remarkable option for discerning audiophiles. Its combination of exquisite design, exceptional sound quality, and user comfort make it a compelling choice for those seeking an immersive and refined listening experience.

Whether you’re a passionate music lover, a professional audio engineer, or simply someone who appreciates top-notch audio gear, the Sivga SV021 will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for excellence. With its remarkable craftsmanship and impressive sound performance, the SV021 solidifies Sivga’s position as a prominent player in the audiophile world.

Invest in the Sivga SV021 today and unlock a new dimension of audio bliss that will leave you captivated with every note and beat. Experience the harmonious fusion of artistry and technology in a pair of headphones that redefine what it means to truly appreciate music.

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