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Sonos In-Wall Speaker (Architectural) Review

Sonos In Wall (Architectural) Speakers

Sonos In Wall Speaker
WeightDimensionsMounting DepthPower
4.61 pounds6.92 x 10.75″3.53″5-130W

The Sonos in-wall speaker isn’t the most affordable option, but its higher cost also translates into higher overall quality. These speakers are very well made, have great sound, and installation is not too difficult.

Whether it’s portable speakers or fixed installation-style equipment, Sonos has a reputation for creating some of the best home audio solutions. They consistently produce high-quality goods. The Sonos in-wall speakers are arguably among the best on the market, as can be seen on our list of the best in-wall speakers. Although these speakers are on the more expensive side of things, they will keep you entertained for countless hours in your home theater, living room, or bar.

How are the speakers installed?

Although installing these speakers still requires some DIY know-how, Sonos hasn’t made the process too difficult. To decrease the possibility of making the wrong measurements, the speakers come with a cut-out template that can be adhered to the location where the installation will take place.

To complete the process for you, Sonos advises hiring a certified Sonos technician (or another audio installation expert). You can install the speakers on your wall with the aid of some DIY knowledge, but selecting the ideal location for them is an entirely different matter. I chose to try it myself because I have a lot of experience with room acoustics.

Despite the fact that I do enjoy a little DIY work, for me, the process of cutting, drilling, wiring, and mounting was a breeze. It takes some calculation and measuring to find the best mounting locations for the Sonos Architectural in-wall speakers, but once you do, your listening experience will be significantly improved.

If you use these speakers with the Sonos power amplifier, you can get away with being a little careless with your mounting positions because the TruePlay feature on the amp will examine your room’s layout, obstructions, and size to mold the speaker’s tonal qualities and enhance their sonic performance in relation to your listening environment.

The Sonos in-wall speakers can’t be used outside.

Should I purchase the Sonos power amplifier?

These Architectural in-wall speakers can be used with the complementary Sonos power amplifier, which can elevate your listening experience.

The Sonos power amp made use of TruePlay technology, which works with an iOS device to analyze the acoustics of your space and modify the speaker tonal characteristics to produce the best sound quality possible for the space you’re in.

Instead of just one pair of speakers like most amplifiers, the Sonos amp can power up to 6 Sonos speakers. This enables you to create a 5.1 surround setup for your home theater or simply a larger network of speakers for music playback that is more immersive.

These features are pretty cool, but the amp is pricey, so if the room-tuning feature is what you’re most interested in, I’d suggest buying a less expensive amplifier and hiring an installer with some experience in acoustics to help you locate the best location for your Sonos Architectural in-wall speakers.

Sonos In Wall Speaker Front

How do the speakers sound?

These Sonos in-wall speakers are powered by a high-excursion polypropylene woofer and a one-inch tweeter, and their frequency response spans 44Hz to 20kHz.

Although not quite loud enough for a house party, these speakers are more than adequate for an immersive movie experience.

Considering the size of these drivers, the low-end is surprisingly warm, tight, and punchy and keeps these characteristics throughout the volume range. I would advise adding a subwoofer to your home theater system if you enjoy action, horror, or science fiction movies.

Although I would have preferred a little bit more presence for vocal intelligibility, particularly in louder scenes where the low-end energy seems to overwhelm and mask the remaining frequency spectrum, the midrange offers enough clarity and depth. I really can’t fault the music in this place.

Although the high end is crisp and sharp, which can be advantageous in some applications, I frequently found this frequency band to turn harsh, especially at higher listening volumes. For the majority of movies, this won’t cause any problems or annoyance, but if you’re listening to music on these speakers at a loud volume, you might start to feel some ear fatigue more quickly than usual.

Overall, given the price point, the sound quality is as I would have anticipated. This is a high-end product with high-quality audio. You can anticipate consistent, well-defined sound whether you’re using these speakers for meetings, movies, music, radio, or other audio sources.


Although Sonos does not include the required cabling with these speakers, a gauge of 16 or higher is advised. The distance between the speakers and their power source will ultimately determine the cable gauge that you use:

The recommended 16-gauge cable can deliver between 75 and 100W of power to the speakers over a maximum distance of about 20 feet, which is within the power-handling specifications for these speakers.

You could run an 18-gauge cable up to 25 feet from the power source if you discover that you don’t necessarily need all 100W of power and only need a few extra feet. However, you’ll only draw 50W from the power amplifier.

Sonos In Wall Speaker Back


Although Sonos in-wall speakers may not be in everyone’s price range, if you can afford them, you won’t be dissatisfied with them. In addition to being simple to install and having excellent sound quality, they also add style and paintable speaker grilles that can be attached to fit any environment.

I suggest looking into the Klipsch R-5502 W II in-wall speakers if you want a little more low-end response from your in-wall speakers. These produce powerful sounds without the need for a subwoofer thanks to dual 5 14-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters. They cost a little bit less and are marginally more powerful than the Sonos in-wall Architectural speakers.

What You Will Receive

  • Sonos Architectural in-wall speakers
  • Cutout template for installation
  • Pair of paintable speaker grilles

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