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MarkAudio-SOTA Viotti One Review

The Bottom Line:

The Viotti One from Mark Audio-SOTA is a pinnacle of audio engineering. Not only does the sound stage provide an unparalleled sense of immersion, but it also provides pristine detail that will make vinyl enthusiasts swoon! With controlled dynamics and natural tonal balance, these monitors are perfect for any audiophile who wants to take their listening experience to new heights!

MarkAudio-SOTA is a luxury audio brand that combines years of experience in the electronics and consumer video industry to produce some of today’s most desired speakers. The company’s flagship model, Viotti One, delivers pristine sound quality with an elegant design fit for any space.

Sound Quality

MarkAudio-SOTA’s Viotti One Speakers are capable of reproducing a fuller sound by eliminating the coloration caused by interference between drivers. This is in part due to the “all-range” design which allows each driver response, and also because both drivers can produce full frequency waves without any distortion or interference with one another – even when they’re acoustically isolated.

The 2-inch Sota-5 tweeter features an aerodynamic chamber that maximizes high-quality sound while minimizing turbulence at higher frequencies. Meanwhile, their low-frequency 4.4-inch Sota 11 driver, boasts a ported cabinet for improved bass output, even as it minimizes acoustic resonance noise thanks to its more durable materials. With a well-defined bass response and punchy lows, the Viotti One’s sound is exciting to listen to! The mid-range is balanced between highs and lows so that vocals are clear while never harsh or overpowering even at high volumes.

The Viotti One is not your average speaker. MarkAudio-SOTA recommends a run-in time before they reach their maximum potential, which is 100 hours at low volumes. Following this guideline will ensure you achieve optimum performance and maximize the life span of these amazing speakers!

One thing is for sure: the sound quality of these speakers is unparalleled. The rich, full tones and deep bass make this a perfect choice for anyone who loves music!

MarkAudio SOTA Viotti One Review - Speakers Reviewed
MarkAudio SOTA Viotti One Review - Speakers Reviewed

Speaker Design

Inspired by 1950s minimalism, the Viotti One speaker is a stunningly beautiful addition to any living space. Available in white or black piano lacquer finish (as pictured), as well as a light or dark oak finish – these speakers will help complete your sleek home décor with their geometric detailing and luxurious design. The speaker cabinet is made with special laminate construction, which eliminates unwanted coloration and stiffness. Plus it looks good too!

The Viotti One speakers have a sweet spot and you’ll want to find the perfect place for them in your room. Positioning these gorgeous pieces of art is as important as the speakers themselves. You should start by placing them at 8 – 10 feet apart with at least 4 inches between any back surfaces facing towards where you typically sit. This will give optimal sound quality, but every room has its own challenges so it might take some experimenting to get that perfect listening position just right!

MarkAudio-SOTA’s Viotti One speakers are created to be a perfect fit for your listening preferences. The included speaker stands offer a height of just shy under 40 inches, so they’re already at an optimal seated listening position. If you prefer to place them by themselves, the Viotti One speakers also have mounting spikes which guarantee maximum isolation and stability no matter where it’s placed.

MarkAudio SOTA Viotti One Review - Speakers Reviewed
MarkAudio SOTA Viotti One Review - Speakers Reviewed
MarkAudio SOTA Viotti One Review - Speakers Reviewed
MarkAudio SOTA Viotti One Review - Speakers Reviewed

Technical Specs

Drivers1 x Sota 5 (50mm low mass mixed alloy symmetrical sound field cone unit)
1 x Sota 11 (110mm low mass, long throw mix alloy symmetrical sound field cone unit)
Frequency Range ±6dB40Hz – 30KHz anechoic
Sensitivity (1w @ 1 m)88.5dB
Impedence (Norminal)6 Ohms
Crossover2nd order shallow slope design @1.9kHz
Amplifier Requirements
Class A/B @ 8 Ohm Per Channel50W to 100W
Class A @ 8 Ohm Per Channel12W to 25W
Class D @ 8 Ohm Per Channel30W to 60W
Dimensions (Each)9 11/16in x 13 11/32in x 39 11/16in (with floor stand)
Weight (Each)36 lbs 2 oz (with floor stand)
Dark Oak
Light Oak

Amplification and Cabling

The Viotti One Speakers are premium speakers. To maximize your speakers, we recommend using a 12-gauge or 14-gauge cable and be sure to get an amplifier that’s right for them. MarkAudio-SOTA offers the following amplification recommendations for powering the Viotti One:

Class A/B @ 8 Ohm Per Channel:50W to 100W
Class A @ 8 Ohm Per Channel:12W to 25W
Class D @ 8 Ohm Per Channel:30W to 60W

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 x MarkAudio-SOTA Viotti One Speakers
  • 2 x Speaker stands
  • 2 x Floor stand spikes
  • Supporting discs
  • Adjustment nuts
  • Gloves for handling speakers
  • User manual & warranty card
MarkAudio SOTA Viott One Review - Speakers Reviewed

MarkAudio-SOTA Viotti One Conclusion

The Viotti One is the ultimate way to enjoy your music. These monitors are perfect for those of you with a love of vinyl as they will give every nuance in sound its due attention and detail. The precision-tuned dynamics and natural tonal balance make these speakers an absolute pleasure to listen to. The Viotti One is a speaker that will surely captivate any audiophile! The speakers are made from the ground up entirely in-house by MarkAudio-SOTA to ensure they work together seamlessly and each component has been carefully considered for efficiency. 

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