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Koss Porta Pro Review

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The Bottom Line:​

The Koss Porta Pro On-Ear Headphones are a great throwback to the 80s. The warmer sound, better build quality, and retro styling all make for an exciting listening experience – one that won’t disappoint anyone who’s looking for their next pair of headphones.

Headphone Design

In 1984, Koss released the Porta Pro alongside another product of theirs called the A-3 Music Box. The latter was a portable cassette tape player, while the headphones’ main function was to give clear sound quality and comfort to its users using the Music Box. The Porta Pro’s ability to fold up into a compact item that can fit into your pocket is one of the reasons they were such a hit in the ’80s. Flash forward to today, the Porta Pro is still going strong! 

An 80s aesthetic paired with a distinctive blue color gives the Porta Pro headphones an amazing look that you will love. The Porta Pro is an on-ear headphone, with an easy-to-adjust spring-loaded aluminum headband that slides into position. There’s also a simple slider switch (Comfort Zone) for adjusting the fit to your preference. The Comfort Zone slider switch is helpful in getting a custom, comfortable fit. 

Looking at cabling, the Porta Pro features a 4ft cable. This is longer than your average pair of headphones, which is nice when you’re listening to music but want to keep your phone in your pocket or backpack. It’s also a perfect length for gaming. 

Headphone Fit and Comfort

These headphones are super comfortable, especially for those who wear their headphones all day at work or travel a lot. The lightweight and almost perfect fit make these easy to forget you’re wearing them – even after extended periods.

The only downside to these headphones is that they sometimes pull your hair, particularly when you try and take them off. When removing the Porta Pro, just be aware of where your hands are placed so as not to accidentally yank out a few strands. I found this particularly painful if my hair was longer than usual because it would catch on to the gap between the sliders and the headband. 

Sound Quality

The Koss Porta Pro are excellent sounding headphones, especially considering the price! These aren’t bass-heavy headphones so don’t buy them expecting to be blown away by big bass sound quality. Instead, these accurate-sounding cans have an exceptional clean tone across all frequencies of music production. The clear low-end combined with the forward mid-range delivers a clean, flat sound that is full of life. This will provide listeners who like natural-sounding headphones a pleasant experience.

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Technical Specs

Sensitivity01 dB SPL/1mW
Impedance60 Ohms at 1kHz
Distortion< 0.2%
Plug3.5mm (6.4mm adapter included)
Cord4ft Straight, Dual entry
Weight60g (2.1oz)
WarrantyLimited lifetime

More Koss Porta Pro Models

Including the original model, there are actually nine different models available in the Porta Pro range. Let’s take a look at some of the others below. Feel free to either click on each model’s image to jump straight down or simply scroll down.

Koss Porta Pro Wireless - Speakers Reviewed

Koss Porta Pro Wireless

The Porta Pro Wireless looks nearly identical to the original Porta Pro, just without a cable. Instead, there is a short wire that fits behind your neck and connects to each earpad. The wireless headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X or high-quality sound encoding which provides as good as a wired listening experience for up 12 hours on a single charge (most of its competitors last only 10). Like the Porta Pro Mic/Remote model, the wireless version also has a three-button inline remote with a microphone, volume control, and multi-function buttons for play/pause and incoming calls like most Bluetooth headsets.

Koss Porta Pro Mic-Remote - Speakers Reviewed

Koss Porta Pro Mic/Remote

The Koss Porta Pro Mic/Remote is another model available. As the name suggests, it offers the same audio and build quality, with the addition of an inline remote. The 3-button inline remote features a microphone, volume control, and a multi-function button for play/pause and managing incoming calls.

Koss Porta Pro X - Speakers Reviewed

Koss Porta Pro X

The Koss Porta Pro X features an all-black design. It has the same collapsible design as the standard model, with the addition of a thicker cable as well as a tension reliever at the base of the 3.5mm jack. Koss has also updated this model to include smartphone compatibility along with a noise-reducing mic.

Koss Porta Pro KTC - Speakers Reviewed

Koss Porta Pro KTC

The KTC model stands for “Koss Touch Control” and is designed specifically for use with Apple products such as your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.  The Koss Porta Pro KTC lets you play/pause, shuffle songs, and adjust the volume. It also features a built-in microphone for answering calls. 

Koss Porta Pro Black - Speakers Reviewed

Koss Porta Pro Black

If you’re not a fan of the silver headband feature of the original Koss Porta Pro model, it is also available in matte black. Other than its all-black aesthetic, the Koss Porta Pro Black model is identical in features and build quality to the original model.

Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition Black Gold- Speakers Reviewed

Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition

The Limited Edition series is available in either Black Gold or Rhythm Beige. Like the Koss Porta Pro Black, the limited edition models feature a different aesthetic but still include the same build and sound quality. These models also include an inline remote, along with a newly designed hard-shell carrying case (the standard soft carry pouch is also included as well).

Koss Porta Pro Headset - Speakers Reviewed 2

Koss Porta Pro Headset

Finally, we have the Koss Porta Pro Headset. This model features a flexible, hands-free boom mic. It can connect to your devices through an angled 3.5mm TRRS jack which works with computers, tablets, and also desk phones.

What’s in the Box?

  • Koss Porta Pro Headphones
  • 6.4mm Adapter Plug
  • Soft Carry Pouch


If you’re looking for a pair of headphones with both old-school style and quality sound, then look no further than the Koss Porta Pro! With their retro design, these headphones are perfect if you have an appreciation for vintage things – or even just want to stand out from the crowd. Plus, they’re built well enough that this product will last longer than most other brands on the market today.

Koss Porta Pro Review - Speakers Reviewed_B1
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Koss Porta Pro

The warmer sound, better build quality, and retro styling all make for an exciting listening experience – one that won’t disappoint anyone who’s looking for their next pair of headphones!

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