TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review - Must Read!
TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 12 - Speakers Reviewed

TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review

TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 12 - Speakers Reviewed

The Bottom Line:​

The TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones offer premium features at a budget price! With excellent battery life, an IPX4 rating (totally sweatproof!), as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the TREBLAB Z2 is bound to be your next favorite pair of workout headphones!

TREBLAB Z2 has garnered attention for its promising features and impressive sound quality. As technology continues to shape our audio experiences, the TREBLAB Z2 aims to stand out as a versatile and high-performance option for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Unboxing & First Thoughts

The packaging of a product can generally give you a fairly good indication of the quality you can expect of the product itself. It’s the first impression of the item and everyone enjoys a good unboxing experience! For a pair of headphones that costs less than 100 dollars, TREBLAB has really gone the extra mile here. The box is sturdy, with a magnetic-opening flap. Inside, you’ll find the headphones with its hardshell travel case, USB charging cable, 3.5mm anti-tangle/flat AUX cable with an inline mic, and a small carabiner. On the left-hand side of the box is a pouch. Inside the pouch, you’ll find the user manual, a product registration card, and a free TREBLAB sticker.

What’s in the Box?

  • TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones
  • Hardshell travel case
  • 3.5mm flat AUX cable with inline mic
  • USB charging cable
  • Carabiner
  • User manual
  • Product registration card
  • TREBLAB sticker
TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review - Speakers Reviewed - Whats in the box

Headphone Design & Comfort

The first thing that strikes you about the TREBLAB Z2 wireless headphones is their sleek and modern design. The headphones sport a blend of matte and glossy finishes, giving them a premium look. The adjustable headband and cushioned ear cups ensure a comfortable fit, making them suitable for extended listening sessions or workouts.

Workout Headphones & Office Use

Designed specifically as workout headphones, the TREBLAB Z2 will make the perfect gym accessory. They’re low-key but stylish and offer the perfect balance between clamping force and comfort. This means that they stay in place during your workout but they also don’t cause any discomfort over long periods of wear. The earcups and headband are lined with PU leather and while this does tend to make your ears hotter than fabric would, it is far more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

The TREBLAB Z2 headphones can also be worn in the office for extended working hours without causing ear fatigue and discomfort. While some sound leakage is present at higher volumes, almost all headphones (as opposed to earphones) will leak sound at higher volumes. When listening to music at a standard volume, we did not experience any significant sound leakage.

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TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 5 - Speakers Reviewed

Headphone Controls

TREBLAB has kept the controls simple and intuitive. On the left earcup, you’ll find the ANC (Active Noise Cancelation) ON/OFF switch, along with a small red LED indicator that illuminates when the ANC is turned on.

The right earcup houses the power on/off button which is also the play/pause button. This button also features a raised notch so that you’re able to find it easily while still wearing the headphones. To the left of this button you’ll find the Volume + / Next track button, and to the right is the Volume – and Previous track button. A single press adjusts the volume, while a press and hold will adjust the track selection. The integrated mic, AUX line-in, and USB charging port can also be found on the right earcup, along with a small LED indicator for power and Bluetooth connectivity.

To answer a call, simply short-press the power button, and then short-press again to end it. Pressing and holding the power button for 2 seconds will reject the call while pressing the power button twice will activate your voice assistant.

TREBLAB also includes a 4-ft long, anti-tangle/ flat AUX cable with an inline mic and button for a wired connection. It’s important to note that, when using the AUX cable, the pause, track selection, and volume adjustment controls on the headphone will not work. Instead, you will need to make these adjustments on your smart device or via the in-line button on the cable.

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Sound Quality

One of the standout features of the TREBLAB Z2 is its exceptional sound quality. Powered by advanced neodymium drivers, these headphones deliver crisp highs, rich mids, and deep lows. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tracks, watching movies, or even taking calls, the sound clarity and depth make for an immersive experience.

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TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 2 - Speakers Reviewed

Technical Specs & Features

Noise Cancellation

The TREBLAB Z2 boasts active noise-cancellation (ANC) technology that effectively reduces ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your audio without distractions. This feature is especially useful during commutes or in noisy environments, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Battery Life & Charging

Battery life is a critical factor in wireless headphones, and the TREBLAB Z2 doesn’t disappoint. With an impressive battery life of up to 35 hours on a single charge, you can enjoy your music and podcasts for extended periods without worrying about recharging. This makes them excellent companions for long trips or busy days.

Wireless Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology as well as a Qualcomm QCC chipset with aptX, the TREBLAB Z2 offers seamless wireless connectivity. You can pair these headphones with your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible devices with ease. The strong and stable connection ensures minimal audio dropouts, giving you uninterrupted entertainment.

AUX Connection

If your battery happens to run flat, or you just prefer a wired connection, you can use the included 4-ft long, anti-tangle/ flat AUX cable. The cable includes an inline mic and an inline button that allows you to activate your voice assistant with a 1-second press. You can also short-press the button to play/pause your music, press twice for the next track, or triple-press for the previous track.

IPX4 Water Resistance

As workout headphones, there’s naturally going to be sweat involved. Thankfully, the TREBLAB Z2 features an IPX4 rating. This means that they are actually water-resistant rather than waterproof (you can’t submerge them in water). However, they are still protected from splashes of water and are fully sweatproof.

Voice Assistant & Phone Calls

As previously mentioned, the TREBLAB Z2 headphones are voice assistant compatible and can be used with either Siri or Google Voice Assistant. With an integrated mic, as well as an inline mic on the AUX cable, you are able to use your voice assistant and call function wirelessly or via a wired connection.

TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 12 - Speakers Reviewed
TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 11 - Speakers Reviewed

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz
Charge Time3 - 4 hours
USB Charging TypeMicro USB
Phone CallsYes - Integrated Microphone
Voice AssistantYes - Siri & Google
Bluetooth5.0 aptX
Waterproof RatingIPX4
Wireless Range33ft (10m)
Battery Life
Medium Volume & No ANC35 hours
Medium Volume With ANC22 hours
100% Volume & No ANC20 hours
100% Volume With ANC12 hours
Dimensions6.4 x 3.2 x 8.0 inches
Weight8.9 ounces
Warranty1 Year

How to Pair your TREBLAB Z2 Headphones

Step 1: Ensure that your headphones are fully charged and that the AUX cable is not plugged in.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. You will hear the voice prompt say “Power ON”, followed by “Pairing”.

Step 3: Scan for Bluetooth devices on your smart device and select the TREBLAB Z2 headphones.

Step 4: If a password is required, enter “0000”.

Step 5: Upon successful pairing, you will hear the voice prompt say “Connected”.

If you experience any issues with pairing, ensure that the headphones are within 30ft of your device and that the AUX cable is not plugged in. The Z2 headphones can only be paired with 2 devices at a time. To remove previously paired devices, reset the memory limit on the headphones. 

To do this, turn the headphones ON, then press and hold the Volume + and Volume – buttons down at the same time for 5 seconds. The headphones will turn off automatically, signaling that the memory has been cleared and you can then proceed to pair your new device. If you still experience an issue with pairing, try turning your smart device off/on again. 


In a market flooded with wireless headphone options, the TREBLAB Z2 manages to stand out with its blend of impressive sound quality, active noise-cancellation, and comfortable design. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or simply someone who enjoys premium audio experiences, the TREBLAB Z2 is worth considering. Its combination of style, performance, and convenience makes it a strong contender in the wireless headphone arena. So, if you’re on the lookout for headphones that deliver on multiple fronts, the TREBLAB Z2 might just be the perfect fit for your audio needs.

TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones Review Image 12 - Speakers Reviewed
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TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones

Easily your next favorite pair of workout headphones, the TREBLAB Z2 delivers premium quality at a budget price!

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