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ION Audio Block Rocker Plus Review

ION Audio Block Rocker

Ion Audio Block Rocker
BatteryAUX InputBluetoothAM/FM Radio
35 Hours3.5mmYes15 Presets

A multipurpose tailgate speaker that leaves nothing to chance is the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus! a karaoke machine, wireless, rechargeable speaker system, and AM/FM radio all in one. In addition to sound quality, the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus does provide more than the Tailgater. You get twice the power in an even more user-friendly package for less than $150.

The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is a great improvement over the ION Tailgater, featuring an additional 50W peak power and Bass Boost, an ultra-portable centerpiece, and a lifelike super clear sound. Check out this ION Audio Block Rocker Plus review of the newest member of the ION family if you liked the Tailgater Plus and were intrigued by its simple and user-friendly features.


The ION Block Rocker Plus is a black, slick-looking soundbox, much like the Tailgater Plus. Although slightly larger in size, the Block Rocker Plus is also rectangular in shape. With its telescoping handle and built-in wheels, the Block Rocker Plus makes for an even more portable tailgate speaker than its counterpart. It measures 17.32 inches in height and 14.47 inches in width.

The Block Rocker Plus is a clear improvement over the Tailgater despite maintaining the same tough enclosure thanks to its convenient telescoping handle, wheels, and two side-carrying handles. This increases its portability so that you can carry it wherever you go just like a carry-on suitcase.

With its wireless Bluetooth capability and Easy Pair feature, which connects your NFC-enabled smartphone to the soundbox with just one tap, the Block Rocker Plus makes it simple to stream music.

The Block Rocker Plus makes the cut as the ideal candidate for even the longest and most memorable parties where you need great sound reinforcement but lack AC power with a battery life of up to 35 hours. Although the battery life may be shorter than that of its counterpart, it can be quickly recharged for use again.

Ion Audio Block Rocker Handle


Both wired and wireless connections are supported by the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus. This implies that it doesn’t really matter which smartphone or tablet you want to use to input audio.

In addition to an NFC link option and a 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) aux input for non-Bluetooth devices, it has wireless connectivity for your Bluetooth devices. The dedicated playback buttons on the device’s front make controlling playback easy. The Block Rocker Plus, to put it simply, supports all of your gadgets.

sound quality

A lifelike and vibrant sound is produced by its built-in 2-way speaker and 100W dynamic integrated amplifier. When you want audio that is clear, clean, and present, this box is a great option thanks to its wide dispersion 3-inch tweeter and sturdy 8-inch woofer. Bid adieu to feedback and distorted sound.

Look no further if you want to increase the low-end bass frequencies for an even punchier sound! The Bass Boost function delivers deep, defined bass and is not to be taken lightly.

ION Tailgater vs Block Rocker Plus

ION Tailgater
Ion Audio Block Rocker


The ION Tailgater and the Block Rocker Plus are practically equivalent. They are distinguished from one another by two key variations. The Block Rocker Plus’s wheels and telescoping handle on the back are a game-changer in every way. When the button is pressed, a telescoping handle emerges, making it simple to transport without the need for carrying. There are also two side carrying handles if you want to carry them.

Both the Block Rocker Plus and the Tailgater come with a dynamic microphone and a microphone cable. This makes it an excellent device for presentations at work or karaoke. A built-in USB 2.0 port is also available in case you need to charge your phone or other USB devices. Additionally, the 15 AM/FM radio presets on the Block Rocker Plus are easily accessed via the buttons on the front of the box. On the other hand, the Tailgater’s bright display lets you access its 10 AM and 10 FM presets.

With a 100-watt peak power amplifier, you will be able to turn up the volume higher than the Tailgater, making this box ideal for bringing your own sound to the party or for on-the-go presentations.

Sound Quality

Is there a difference in sound quality? is what the majority of us want to know. Yes, the ION Audio Block Rocker Plus gives you a louder speaker system if you want one, as its 100W power amplifier makes it 50W louder than the Tailgaters’ 50W power amp.


Both the Block Rocker Plus and the Tailgater can be connected via Bluetooth or AUX if that is your preference. Both of them come with a cable and a 1/8 inch aux input for non-Bluetooth devices. Both offer smartphones with the NFC tap feature.


The Block Rocker Plus and Tailgater have slightly different battery lengths. The Tailgater can operate without recharging for up to 50 hours. On the other hand, the Block Rocker Plus needs to be recharged after 35 hours. Given how long both of these boxes can be used before needing to be recharged, I believe the difference is fairly minimal.

ION TailgaterBlock Rocker Plus
50 hoursBattery Life35 hours
50WAmp Power100W
20Radio Presets15
YesBass BoostYes
Yes3.5mm AUX InputYes
YesUSB Charge PortYes


The ION Audio Block Rocker Plus is the best choice if you’re looking for a top-notch tailgate speaker or a convenient, inexpensive replacement for a PA system (and don’t want to skimp on sound quality!). Beyond sound quality, the Block Rocker Plus does provide more than the Tailgater. It is much easier to handle for just one person because it has more power and an easy carry-on function.

Without a doubt, the Tailgater is a fantastic choice for a small event. However, by adding just a few dollars more to your budget, you can get practically twice as much power in a package that is even easier to use.

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