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Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos

Outdoor Tech Mini Rhinos
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The only headphones you will ever need are the outdoor tech Mini Rhinos Bluetooth wireless headphones! The company that developed the headset, Outdoor Tech, wanted it to have great features in addition to being tough and resilient like a rhinoceros.

The 40mm drivers, integrated microphone, 12-hour battery life, and external controls are all features of the Mini Rhinos. The Mini Rhinos Bluetooth headphones were made with people with active, on-the-go lifestyles in mind, but they may be suitable for anyone.


Let’s begin by discussing why these headphones are being referred to as extraordinarily tough. Its exterior is made of a robust and hard rubberized coating, preventing serious damage from occurring when it is dropped.


The Mini Rhinos are ideal for outdoor activities and exercise because they are waterproof as well. The headphones have an IPX rating of 6, which means they can withstand temperatures of up to -20°C/-4°F and resist water. In those unlikely circumstances, they can therefore float to the surface after being splashed on or completely submerged.


The top headband is flexible and won’t break like regular headsets with plastic and metal lining if you twist it quite a bit. The Mini Rhinos’ design makes it simple to fold them up and get them ready for storage in your backpack without having to worry about them getting damaged by pressure.

Build and Controls

The company’s sasquatch logo and app support are located on the left earpiece, while the main controls are located on the right. There are buttons for volume control, skip forward and backward motion, and Siri and Google. A micro USB connection for charging is located at the bottom of the left earpiece. Overall, the material of the headset feels breathable and is long-lasting. Additionally length-adjustable, the Mini Rhinos fit snugly and comfortably around the ears.

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Any audio system’s actual sound quality is its most crucial feature. The 40mm drivers in the Mini Rhinos headset produce clear audio and powerful bass. The wireless headphones will continue playing your playlist uninterrupted even when fully submerged in water and later retrieved.

Bluetooth V5.0

The sound output quality and the distance you can put between your headset and your smartphone depends on the version of Bluetooth installed on your headset. In general, Bluetooth versions 4 and up are the ones you should always look for in a headset because they support longer battery life, distances of up to 60 meters, and low energy consumption. The most recent version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0, is included with the Mini Rhinos. The range and bandwidth of Bluetooth 5.0 are both four times greater than those of Bluetooth 4.2. For the best connectivity, Outdoor Tech advises keeping your device up to 32 feet away.

Voice Assistant

A built-in microphone for calls and messages is another feature of the wireless headset. Wearing the headset will allow users to accept, end, and answer calls. Furthermore, voice commands can be used to launch Google and Siri. When making calls or sending voice notes, the microphone voice quality is clear and no static or obtrusive background noise is detected.

Battery life 

A lithium-ion battery that can be recharged powers the Mini Rhinos Bluetooth headphones. A typical micro USB port is used to charge the headset, giving it up to 12 hours of playback. Depending on volume settings and microphone use, battery life may vary. The Mini Rhinos micro USB connection, on the other hand, has the benefit of being able to connect to power banks, which relieves the stress of having too many cables when traveling.


The wireless headphones called Mini Rhinos certainly live up to their name. For those who might be prone to headphone accidents or for those who simply want a durable piece of equipment that will last for a long time, the shockproof durability and water resistance make it an excellent choice. Even though flashy looks may need to be forgone, the rugged design is still very attractive and functional. The headset has the excellent audio quality and is portable for charging. The voice assistant and microphone are two extra features that make daily life more convenient.

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