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The SOUNDBOKS 2 certainly lives up to its claim of being the “loudest battery-powered speaker in the world.” Whether or not that is the case, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is unquestionably very loud. It was the loudest Bluetooth speaker of 2020 according to our list of loudest speakers. What, then, accounts for this speaker’s enduring appeal, even at its $900 price tag?


LF Driver:2 x 10” drivers with 2 x bass radiators
HF Driver:1” tweeter
Power Output:216W Peak
Battery Life:40 hours
Inputs:⅛-inch AUX
Dimensions:17” x 25.6” x 13”
Weight:33 lbs
Soundboks 2

What Has Changed From the Original

  • Power – The first significant adjustment is a power upgrade. The SOUNDBOKS 2 has three x 72W Class D amps for a combined output of 216W as opposed to the original SOUNDBOKS’s four 42W Class D amps for a combined 168W output.
  • Aesthetics – The SOUNDBOKS 2 has a completely black aesthetic as opposed to the original’s silver trim and black grille and enclosure.
  • Frequency Response – The internal processing of the SOUNDBOKS 2 has undergone some modifications to reduce the frequency response from 60Hz to 40Hz. This results in a deeper bass sound that your bass heads will undoubtedly enjoy.
  • Controls – The SOUNDBOKS 2 now includes an Indoor and Outdoor setting, which we’ll explain later in this article, in place of the bass feature.
  • Battery – Similar to the original, the SOUNDBOKS 2 has interchangeable battery packs. The only modification is that the speaker now has a battery level indicator on the side, allowing you to keep track of when batteries need to be changed or the speaker needs to be plugged into an outlet.


The SOUNDBOKS 2’s simplicity is its best feature. There aren’t many glitzy buttons or features on the speaker. It has an environmental preset selector and volume control that goes up to 11. The bass output could be changed using a switch on the original SOUNDBOKS. Now, SOUNDBOKS has replaced the functionality with Indoor and Outdoor modes and automated the bass feature based on the audio signal it receives.

While the outdoor mode offers better throw and power so you can project more sound over a further distance, the indoor mode makes the speaker sound fuller and richer to adapt to the surrounding environment. If you’ve ever used a speaker outside, you are aware that they typically sound weaker. The speaker can be adjusted in the Outdoor mode to make it sound the same outside as it does inside.

The incredible 40-hour battery life of the SOUNDBOKS 2 is another fantastic feature. Now, it must be acknowledged that using the AUX input and turning the speaker up to 50% volume is the only way to get the 40-hour life. This level is more than adequate in the vast majority of situations. You’ll most likely get close to 10 hours of playback time if you operate the speaker at full power and via Bluetooth. Considering the power this speaker produces, it is still very impressive.

Of course, you can buy more battery packs, and it takes about 4 hours for the battery to fully recharge from a dead state. So you can host a party all weekend long with just two packs. The speaker can also be used while plugged into a power source.

Soundboks 2 Connections


For audio inputs, the SOUNDBOKS 2 supports Bluetooth and 1/8-inch AUX. For better sound and connectivity if you’re using this speaker as part of a DJ setup, you might want to choose the AUX input. The speaker has Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Although this isn’t the most recent Bluetooth version, it does offer a 60-foot range and there haven’t been any reported problems.


If you want music on the go, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is a bit awkward to carry around at 33 lbs. So, the BACKPACK was created by SOUNDBOKS. With straps to keep the SOUNDBOKS 2 comfortably in place, you can carry a SOUNDBOKS 2 on your back with the SOUNDBOKS BACKPACK.


The sound output of the SOUNDBOKS 2 is rated at 122 dB. To put that into perspective, the noise level of a military jet taking off with afterburners from an aircraft carrier at 50 feet is 130 dB. So there’s no need to be concerned about volume.

Two 10-inch drivers, one on each side of the speaker, provide an excellent low-end response. With a nice well-defined, chunky bass sound, this speaker won’t let you down for urban genres and dance music. Surprisingly crisp and clear mid- and high-frequency responses can be heard. Snares and claps in hip-hop and EDM come through with a nice tight snap, but vocals are upfront and present. The voice of an emcee will be audibly loud and clear when they are rapping over beats.

What You Will Recieve

  • BATTERYBOKS 2 (battery pack)
  • Charger
  • AUX cable


Despite being a fantastic speaker, the SOUNDBOKS 2 has a steep $900 price tag. Buy this speaker right away if you have the cash to spare. The SOUNDBOKS 2 has sound quality and volume that are comparable to a PA system to just a loud Bluetooth speaker. The speaker has one of the most sturdy speaker grilles we’ve ever seen on a consumer speaker, making it incredibly durable. It makes a lot of noise and is long-lasting.

You won’t likely have any competition from this loudspeaker at your upcoming tailgate party if your goal is to drown out the nearby vehicles. The power and sound of this speaker are unparalleled.

The SOUNDBOKS 2’s inability to pair with at least one other SOUNDBOKS 2 is its lone drawback. However, there is a workaround for this. You can send the left channel to one speaker and the right channel to another if your mixer has stereo outputs. You’ll receive a 432W stereo PA system as a result!

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