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Optoma NuForce HEM8 Review

Optoma is a multinational company with offices in a number of nations. Although the company produces a variety of headphones, DACs, amps, and other home audio equipment, it is best known for designing and manufacturing audiovisual equipment. The NuForce HEM series, which consists of four high-end IEMs or in-ear headphones, was introduced by Optoma in 2016. Today’s topic is the Optoma NuForce HEM8, which is the line’s premium and most expensive model. How does the relatively unheard-of NuForce HEM8 compare to the more expensive names? In this Optoma NuForce HEM8 in-ear headphone review, we’ll find out.

Optoma NuForce HEM8 Specs

TypeIn-ear / IEM
Cable or WirelessCable
Impedance32 ohms
DriversHigh resolution Knowels balanced armature
optoma nuforce hem8

Design and Features

Two Knowles balanced armature drivers for the low end and two tweeters are included in each earpiece of the Optoma NuForce HEM8. The drivers are protected from vibrations by a LexanTM enclosure, which promises to produce a clearer sound and lessen listening fatigue. The earbuds are relatively light and fit well inside the ears despite having so much going on inside. Depending on your needs or preferences, Optoma offers both silicone and ComplyTM soft memory foam ear tips. To maximize the bass response within the ear canal, Optoma has conducted research and development on the shape of the ear tips.


Two cable options are offered with the NuForce HEM8. two twisted pair cables: one regular, the other with an inline remote and microphone for use with mobile devices. Both of these cables have a respectable level of tangle resistance, which is great for both immediate plug-and-play and long-term durability.

A premium cable with OFC and silver for superior sound quality is the twisted pair. The earbuds are securely connected to the twisted pair and inline remote cables using 2-pin cable connectors made of silver and copper with a unique ground return for each channel. This guarantees a clear, high-resolution data transfer that gives you the best audio quality possible. It’s crucial to remember that in order for the earbud to work, the connector must be flush with the earpiece when connecting the cable to it. Although it’s a common error, the tight fit ensures that the cable won’t easily disconnect while you’re moving around.

Your mobile device can be controlled in a number of ways using the inline remote, including Play/Pause, Track Forward, Previous Track, and Call Management options like Answer, Reject, and End. Call quality is excellent thanks to the exceptional performance of the built-in microphone.

optoma nuforce hem8


I found a lot of conflicting opinions about the NuForce HEM8. It appears that people have strong feelings about the overall sound quality. The NuForce HEM8 is what I would call a bass-heavy IEM. Although the bass is loud, I wouldn’t say the sound is tight or controlled. The NuForce HEM8 doesn’t, in my opinion, deliver a woolly bass sound; rather, the bass isn’t well-controlled. Not nearly as out of control as Beats or Skullcandy headphones.

The mid-range is direct and in-depth. Not what you’d expect from a pair of headphones with lots of bass. The NuForce HEM8’s powerful low-end does not appear to negatively affect the mid-range response; however, prolonged listening to the mids can become a little tiring. The mid-range, in my opinion, is well-balanced to work with a variety of musical styles. Instrumentation and vocals blend seamlessly.

The NuForce HEM8 is clear and understandable despite the smooth highs that could use a little more brilliance. The headphones still deliver excellent treble response and don’t exacerbate mid-range weariness.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CTA) has awarded the NuForce HEM8 a Hi-Res Certificate, indicating that Optoma has complied with audio quality requirements. I think this recommendation is legitimate for the NuForce line of products because they are well-made and provide excellent sound for the price.

The NuForce HEM2, HEM4, and HEM6

The HEM2, HEM4, and HEM6 are the other IEMs offered by NuForce. Excellent options for entry-level IEMs are the HEM2 and HEM4. The audio quality is not bad, but I wouldn’t buy these to use as reference or professional audio headphones. Things start to get interesting with the HEM6 because it has many HEM8-like characteristics without the robust low-end response. Online reviews I’ve read indicate that many people favor the HEM6 over the HEM8 and vice versa. I suppose this is where the situation becomes debatable, so you should listen to both sides to determine which you prefer.

Each model includes a sizable, watertight carry case that is excellent for keeping the IEMs in your back safe while you’re on the go. When you’re on the go, a smaller carry pouch that fits easily in your pocket is also provided. For use with headphone amplifiers and professional audio equipment, a 1/4-inch adaptor is offered.

What You Will Recieve

  • High-end OFC cable
  • 2 x HEM8 earphones
  • Cable with inline remote and microphone
  • 2 x Comply ear tips – T-100 (large and medium)
  • 6 x silicone tips in various sizes
  • Water and air-tight polycarbonate carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Carrying pouch
  • ¼-inch adaptor


The NuForce HEM8 is unquestionably a model to look into if you’re looking for an IEM at a reasonable price. These IEMs will, in my opinion, be useful for musicians and audio professionals looking for a cost-effective option. Although the clarity and separation of a Sennheiser are not present, the sound quality is still excellent and the $250 price tag is justified.

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