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Teufel Rockster Review

We recently compiled a list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers, and the winner was The SOUNDBOKS 2. So far. After we discovered the Teufel Rockster, a German powerhouse from Berlin, that might change. The Teufel Rockster is a sizable Bluetooth speaker made to be durable, loud, and party-ready. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to think about the Teufel Rockster as your next party speaker. The speaker has a ton of features and some powerful sound.

Teufel Rockster Specs

LF Driver:1 x 15” woofer
HF Driver:1 x 1” tweeter
Power output:440W
Inputs:3 x XLR, 1 x ¼” jack, 1 x ⅛” AUX, stereo RCA, 2 x Bluetooth V4.0
Outputs:2 x XLR, ⅛” headphone
Battery:30-hour built-in battery (USB charge output)
Weight:70 lbs
Teufel Rockster


The Teufel Rockster looks less like a typical portable Bluetooth speaker and more like a PA speaker than most alternatives you’ll find on the market today. The Rockster is nearly three feet tall and brutally heavy at 70 lbs. Unquestionably not a backpack-friendly Bluetooth speaker! Teufel has been kind enough to provide handles on either side of the Rockster, a two-man carry.

Better yet, Teufel gives you four removable wheels so you can elegantly transport your ROCKSTER speaker to the party.

For protection against those large parties, the speaker grille is encircled by steel, while the speaker enclosure is made of durable plastic. The front of the speaker grille features a red Teufel logo embossed there, giving the ROCKSTER a fierce appearance.

Teufel Rockster Connections


The Teufel ROCKSTER is feature-rich with an equally powerful sound, in contrast to the SOUNDBOKS 2, which is fairly basic with a focus on big sound. The integrated DJ mixer that is built into the top of the speaker is the ROCKSTER’s best feature.

This is the first Bluetooth speaker with two Bluetooth channels that we have seen! Each channel is linked to the DJ mixer, which allows you to mix music or engage in a duel with friends. Even a crossfader is available, allowing for seamless track switching. For better mixing or modifying the sound of a track, each channel has a 3-band EQ with controls for the bass, mid, and treble frequencies. The top of the mixer has a lid that can be closed to protect the contents when not in use.

The ROCKSTER can be powered in three different ways: through a power outlet, the 30-hour built-in battery, or even a 12V car battery. Make sure to add the car battery cable to your cart at checkout since the power cable is already included.

These three power sources can be switched between on the speaker’s back, where an LED indicator also serves as a battery life indicator. You can extend the party by charging your mobile devices using the USB output that is available.

Teufel Rockster Inputs

Inputs and Outputs

The ROCKSTER has inputs, which set it apart from most Bluetooth speakers available today. All the inputs and outputs are on the input panel on the back of the speaker. A stereo XLR master input is provided for use with an external DJ mixer or other stereo audio equipment in addition to the two main channels that connect to the DJ mixer.

The first channel supports stereo RCA, Bluetooth, and 1/4-inch jack inputs. You could connect an instrument or microphone to the 1/4-inch jack. There are XLR and 1/8-inch AUX inputs on the second channel. You can choose to use channels one and two or the stereo XLR channel using the switch that is located below the channels. There is a separate volume for the headphone output as well as a master volume control.

On the back of the speaker is a stereo XLR output that can be used to connect a Teufel ROCKSTER. Depending on how you want to play your music, you can even switch them to mono or stereo.


The ROCKSTER has a single 1″ horn-loaded tweeter and a single 15″ low-frequency driver. If you stand too close, the speaker’s powerful 440W output will hit you in the chest and burst your eardrums!

This speaker produces exceptional sound. Instead of sounding like a portable Bluetooth speaker, the ROCKSTER more closely resembles a professional PA. The bass has a strong, punchy sound that is well-defined. Although the ROCKSTER’s low-end seems a little more polished, the SOUNDBOKS 2 does have a little bit more bass.

The ROCKSTER blows the competition away in the mid-range and treble. The mids are forward and very clear. At loud volumes, the treble is bright without sounding harsh or brittle. Although it might not be audiophile-grade, it is undoubtedly superior to most Bluetooth speakers!

The SOUNDBOKS 2 sounded a little muted and dull in the mids and treble when compared to the ROCKSTER, which had slightly less bass. This is largely due to the horn-loaded tweeter on the ROCKSTER, which helps it project sound much farther than the SOUNDBOKS 2. To clarify, the ROCKSTER is simply a really good-sounding speaker, whereas the SOUNDBOKS 2 isn’t a bad speaker.

What You Will Recieve

  • 440W Teufel ROCKSTER speaker
  • Power cable
  • Wheelset (4 wheels)
  • Removable battery

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