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RIVA Concert Review

RIVA Concert Review - Speakers Reviewed 2

The Bottom Line:​

The RIVA Concert is a WiFi speaker that offers more input options than most speakers on the market. It has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and also features a built-in battery for added portability! As an added bonus, it also comes equipped with built-in Alexa for those without an external Amazon device.

Smart speakers are becoming essential home appliances. Most of the time, they excel in their voice command feature but lack in their sound quality when playing music. The RIVA Concert has certainly changed that narrative! The Concert is part of a new voice-enabled product line from RIVA Audio, with a larger option, called the RIVA Stadium, also available. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the RIVA Concert specifically and let you know why this smart speaker stands apart from the rest!

Sound Quality

Unlike most compact speakers, the RIVA Concert features three speaker drivers to deliver room-filling audio. The left and right units are mounted in a way that produces near 360° of sound while still being small enough for easy mobility. Unlike traditional stereo surround systems though, this is not true stereo sound, it’s more like virtual surround as opposed to an actual two-channel system. This is still far better than what you get from many other wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market today! With 50 watts of power output, your music can fill any size space with ease.

The sound coming from the RIVA Concert is impressive for such a compact speaker. The bass response has that nice punchy quality where it was tight and felt warm to listen to with vocals sounding clear, accurate, and crisp in comparison to other speakers of this size which are slightly muddy when playing mid-range frequencies. There’s no fuzziness or distortion at all throughout each frequency range so you can expect excellent intelligibility as well – even more than most competitors! This makes them perfect not only for listening to music but also for spoken voice content whether through podcasts or audiobooks.

RIVA Concert Review - Speakers Reviewed 2
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Speaker Inputs

With its sleek design and innovative features, the RIVA Concert speaker is an excellent audio addition to your home. The Concert offers a variety of input options including WiFi, BluetoothApple Airplay, as well as AUX  and USB too.

With Apple Airplay support, as well as WiFi connectivity, you can stream music from various internet radio sources like Spotify Connect. Plus, it’s also compatible with DLNA which means if you have another sound system that supports this technology, then there are endless ways in which to enjoy listening to great tunes! With all these versatile inputs available onboard right out of the box without any additional external hardware needed – what more could anyone ask for?

The RIVA Concert wireless speaker is equipped with three built-in microphones to ensure your voice can be heard no matter where you are and includes a mute function for complete privacy too. You can make calls, dictate texts, or listen to music wirelessly – all while enjoying the same accuracy as Amazon devices! One of the Concert’s best features is that it offers both WiFi and Bluetooth options so you’re never left without connectivity at home.

Speaker Controls

The speaker’s buttons are neatly arranged in a panel on top of the speaker, allowing you to control certain aspects of any paired device. You can change volume, switch tracks, and input selection with ease by just pressing one button on this sleek interface. Should an individual have a visual impairment, there is braille that will make for easy navigation! As soon as you press the privacy mode button, an LED light will appear in the center of your speaker. This is a convenient way to get some insight into what’s going on inside your smart device without having to ask Alexa for help!

Technical Specs

Power Output:50W
Inputs:AUX, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplay
Battery Life:15 hours (optional extra)
Weight:3 pounds
Dimensions7.0 x 5.0 x 4.8 inches
RIVA Concert Speaker

Additional Features

Optional Battery Pack

The RIVA Concert is a portable speaker that can be plugged into any standard power outlet to charge. If you want an extra battery pack, which connects at the bottom of the speaker and doesn’t take away its sleek aesthetic, that is available too.  The battery lasts up to 15 hours and is removable with a detachable design. The great thing about having this type of speaker is that you can purchase as many batteries as needed because these speakers have an interchangeable charging system, so the party never has to stop!


The RIVA Concert and battery pack are both water-resistant, protecting against splashing in any direction. This is something you won’t find in many WiFi speakers currently on the market!

RIVA Voice App

The RIVA Concert allows you to control the concert right from on your phone. The Voice App lets users switch between listening modes, adjust treble and bass levels, and control playback from local content media servers USB or AUX inputs.

What’s in the Box?

  • RIVA Concert Speaker
  • Battery pack (optional)
  • Power cable
  • Quick start guide

RIVA Concert Review – Conclusion

The RIVA Concert is a WiFi speaker that will outperform any other on the market with its powerful sound quality and intuitive controls. With more input options than most of its competition, it includes Bluetooth connectivity as well as Amazon Alexa integration – making it an excellent option for anyone looking to be cutting edge in their home entertainment system!

RIVA has certainly brought a high-quality, portable speaker to the market. While it would have been nice if they had included one of their detachable battery packs in with this purchase, buyers can still take advantage of that awesome feature by purchasing additional batteries at an affordable price point. The RIVA Concert is the best WiFi speaker for its price range. It has both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, perfect for those who are always on the go! The splash-proof design makes it easy to use anywhere without worrying about getting your device wet or damaging speakers due to spills.

RIVA Concert Review - Speakers Reviewed 2
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RIVA Concert

The RIVA Concert is a WiFi speaker that offers both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as plenty of input options. It also comes with the added bonus of an Alexa voice assistant!

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