Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (PDWR62BTBK) Review

Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (PDWR62BTBK)

Pyle 6.5 Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker
Bluetooth Functionality:Frequency Response:Output Capabilities:Speaker Dimensions:
Built-in BT 3.080Hz – 20kHz300W8.4 x 7.5 x 12.1″

A pair of permanently installed speakers would satisfy many needs and are increasingly becoming a common sight on many porches and decks for those who entertain outside more frequently or simply don’t want the hassle of lugging a portable Bluetooth speaker in and out when throwing a party on your deck, having a barbecue with the family, or just enjoying a sundowner and want some music to accompany the great outdoors.

The Pyle outdoor Bluetooth speakers (PDWR62BTBK), which are intended for outdoor use, promise to deliver high-quality audio through simple wireless pairing for outdoor home entertainment. They can be mounted almost anywhere.


The Pyle outdoor Bluetooth speakers have dimensions of 8.4 x 7.5 x 12.1 inches, weigh only 8 ounces each, and look like miniature PA speakers. These speakers are certified marine-grade, which means they were constructed in accordance with the same manufacturing guidelines as marine-grade speakers using stain-resistant and rustproof speaker grilles. However, I would personally advise unmounting them during the winter.

There is nothing stopping you from mounting these Pyle Bluetooth speakers to your walls inside your home theater, kitchen, or entertainment area even though they are made to withstand outdoor weather conditions. The grille can be removed if you prefer a more high-tech aesthetic, and their unobtrusive design complements most home décor styles.

If you don’t care about built-in Bluetooth, you can get a pair of Kicker KB6B indoor/outdoor wall-mounted speakers for a slightly lower price. They sound just as good and are about as loud, but they are available in several different colors.


Sound Quality

The ‘master’ speaker of the Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers is powered by a 300W built-in amplifier, while the secondary, or ‘slave,’ speaker is passively powered. A 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter are housed inside each speaker, which delivers full-range frequency representation starting at about 80Hz and peaking at the typical 20kHz.

A good-sounding party system is produced by this frequency response, which is represented by the types and sizes of drivers used as well as the high-density materials used for the enclosure. All music genres sound well-balanced and crisp, even at high volumes, even though these speakers won’t produce bass movement that will cause an earthquake or volume levels that will have your neighbors calling the police. Although this speaker has a strong low end, it really shines in the midrange and lower highs, producing dynamic, crystal-clear sounds that are suitable for a wide range of music genres as well as radio, film, and podcasts.

Ease of Installation

The Pyle outdoor Bluetooth speakers are easy to install because mounting brackets and an instruction manual are supplied in the box. The 12V power cable and Speakon cable can be run through your drywall for a cleaner appearance, but other than cable management, installing these speakers couldn’t be easier.

They can be rotated and locked into the position that best suits your listening position once they’ve been mounted to the wall of your choice. Instead of firing these speakers straight across your ceiling or straight down to the floor, we advise aiming them at your ears.

Integrated Bluetooth Makes It a Special Set of Speakers

Of course, Bluetooth is the primary connectivity method employed with these speakers. The Pyle outdoor Bluetooth speakers only support Bluetooth 3.0, which is admittedly a bit of a letdown as it won’t support very long-range connectivity and may cause some latency issues if you use these speakers with a TV or other visual media. Alternately, you can use the 3.5mm auxiliary input, which will eliminate the aforementioned potential problems, but you’ll need either an absurdly long aux cable or another device that can serve as an extender or adapter in a position that works best for you.

These speakers are sold as a stereo pair, so you cannot buy more speakers and connect them to the existing chain to create a surround-sound system or larger network in your backyard, porch, or entertainment space. If you want to achieve this, I’d advise purchasing a specialized power amp to serve as your source device and allocating speakers to the various channels. However, this will require impedance matching and, in some cases, determining whether to operate your system in series or parallel, so some research may be necessary here.

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