Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed

Peachtree Audio M25 Review

Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed

The Bottom Line:​

The Peachtree Audio M25 might be just the thing you need if you’re looking for a reasonably priced and versatile pair of speakers. These beauties are so easy to set up, you can attach them to any analog or digital audio source in your house including DJ equipment (no phono preamp required) and they have an impressive sonic performance for their size!

The Peachtree Audio M25 is the upgrade to Peachtree Audio’s popular speaker system, the M24. The term ‘upgrade’ mostly refers to its size – which is larger than that of the original and has a bigger sound due to having drivers with greater surface area. 

The Peachtree Audio M25 speaker set is simple and sophisticated. With an input panel on the back that allows you to connect a multitude of audio sources including a turntable (no preamp needed!), desktop or laptop computer, CD player, and TV streaming devices. There’s even Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from your phone! 

The sound quality is top-notch. It’s on par with the price and offers balanced, rounded, sparkling highs and detailed mids. Some people may find the bass to be a little weak but if you need more of it then just buy an additional powered subwoofer.

Technical Specifications

Drivers5.25" fiberglass woofer + 1" soft-dome tweeter
PowerAC power cable (100V-240V)
InputsRCA, Digital optical, USB Type-B, USB Type-A
OutputsSub out
Other Connection OptionsBluetooth
Frequency Response50Hz-20kHz
Output Power50W x 2
THDLess than 0.1%
Nominal impedance4Ω
Dimensions6.6 x 10.2 x 8 inches
Weight8.7 lbs
Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed
Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed


The Peachtree Audio M25 speakers are simple, compact, and stylish. They have a glossy piano black finish with rounded edges that add style to the design of these elegant speakers. You can choose between two finishes- real bamboo or gloss piano black (for $50 more). The cabinets are made from MDF; they’re 6-inches wide, 10-inches tall, and 8-inches deep. The right one has all inputs/outputs and controls so it’s slightly heavier than the left speaker. The M25’s larger woofer and increased cabinet size allow it to reach much deeper into the lower bass range, making it the ideal home stereo system.

The M25 speakers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also come with removable fabric grilles. This way you can decide whether or not to leave the grille on for different moods and sound variations! You won’t be able to use the volume/input knob if it is covered by the grille though, so beware of that as you’ll need to adjust your settings using the remote control.

Although the right speaker might look like a simple stereo setup, it actually contains all of your input and outputs. On the front panel, you can see 2 drivers (5.25-in woofer and 1-in tweeter) which will deliver an amazing audio experience for any type of music. There is a volume/input knob on the right side to adjust sound levels or choose different inputs such as RCA, USB, etc. On the left side of the M25 speaker is an LED display that changes colors depending on what kind of source is connected at a given time.

The rear panel has a variety of inputs including RCA (with a  switch for Phono or AUX), digital optical input, USB Type-B (for connecting your computer), a ground screw terminal for turntable playback, and a sub output to connect an additional subwoofer. Above the input panel is a bass reflex port which improves bass response. The left speaker has two drivers on the front and speaker terminals and a bass reflex port on the back. 

Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed
Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed


The compact speakers won’t take up much space, but they’ll sound big. The built-in amp and DAC in the right speaker offer 50 watts of power per channel, for a rich listening experience. These small wonders also include one 5-inch woofer with a 1″ tweeter paired with a 2″ rear-firing bass reflex port at the back – perfect for smaller or medium-sized rooms (up to 15 x 15 ft).

The Peachtree Audio M25 is a great speaker system, that not only includes sound but also versatility. The inputs are what make this one of the best speakers on the market. You’re able to connect your turntable with an external phono preamp or connect other analog audio sources, like CD players, through either RCA input with a switch for each option (RCA/AUX) or 3.5mm AUX output!

The TOSLINK digital optical input and USB Type-B port provide you with a variety of options for connecting your TV, streaming box, or computer to the receiver. The built-in DAC will take care of any audio files up to 24bit/96kHz, while the high-quality speakers are connected via 5-way binding posts that fit banana plugs (or other connectors).

The right speaker is not just a convenient way to play music in your room but is also to charge all of your devices. With the USB Type-A charging port you can power up and plug it into any device so that it’s ready for use when needed. The M25 is a powerful speaker with extensive Bluetooth connectivity. We haven’t found any info on the BT version and supported profiles, but what we do know is that it doesn’t support aptX low latency codecs.

The remote is small and simple, but it’s very useful. Especially because of the EQ settings. The package includes a remote that can be used to adjust volume as well as change input sources like AUX or OPT; you can also use the controller to change your EQ settings (adjust bass/treble).

Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed

Performance and Sound Quality

The setup is quick and easy. You don’t need any special skills to get the system working within a few minutes if you have all the right cables!

The transition between different sources is very smooth and super-fast, with no noticeable lag when shifting from one source to another or within a single video stream. Bluetooth connection works just fine; audio quality has been consistent throughout all tests of the speakers in this regard. The Bluetooth range remains standard (approx 30ft) but you’ll find that if you try watching videos on your phone while sending the sound to these speakers there will be an audible delay (as expected because they don’t support aptX low latency codecs as some other models do for example). All the other connections (both analog and digital) are better for sound quality.

The other aspects of the audio reproduction are also pretty much on par with the price. The soundstage is quite wide and airy, and stereo imaging is not perfectly accurate but still good for vocals-oriented music like rock or pop. Loudness is no problem in small rooms but it may be insufficient for large or medium-sized ones depending on what you listen to most often at high volumes (which will then distort).

What’s in the box?

  • 2 x Peachtree Audio M25 Speakers
  • 2 x Removable grilles
  • 2 x Angled rubber stands (M bases)
  • Remote
  • AC power cable
  • RCA cable
  • Digital optical cable
  • Speaker wire
  • User manual
  • 1-year warranty card
Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed


The Peachtree Audio M25 is one of the best choices for someone looking to enjoy their music in a professional, high-quality way. Featuring an input that includes your turntable without needing an external phono preamp and providing excellent sound with each audio source you connect, it’s hard not to call this option affordable when considering all its features!

Peachtree Audio M25 Review - Speakers Reviewed
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Peachtree Audio M25

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and versatile pair of speakers, the Peachtree Audio M25 might be just the thing you need!

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