Best Outdoor Party Speakers

Everything you require to make an informed choice is available right here. What kind of speaker you want to hire should be your first priority. Although there are a variety of Bluetooth party speakers available, we’ve divided our list into three sections: portable party speakers, large & loud party speakers, and finally, outdoor party speakers.

Our Top Pick!

Sony SRS-XP700

The Sony XP700 is the total package—a stunning speaker with enough lighting effects for any event and top-notch audio.

Meet the Winners!

Everything that we look for in a party speaker is provided by the Sony SRS-XP700. Both the audio quality and the maximum volume the XP700 can produce are first-rate. As a party speaker, the lighting effects are a nice addition that really makes it stand out (no pun intended). Keep in mind that even though the XP700 is a portable speaker, it is also a heavy, sizable speaker that could fit in our large & loud selections.

The Soundboks 3 is a true monster that can rule a party without the aid of elaborate lighting. Instead, the Soundboks 3 delivers high-quality sound and a powerful 126dB of volume, which is sufficient to rock any party. Despite its relatively moderate weight, the Soundboks 3 isn’t the most portable, but it can still be easily moved between venues.

The ultimate outdoor party speaker is the recently released Turtlebox Gen 2. Suitable for being thrown into a kayak, boat, or jeep. Even with the party’s window-rattling volume levels, it is still portable and light enough to carry with you. This IP67-rated speaker is the one for you if you don’t care about the lights and the atmosphere and would rather have a speaker that can withstand a blow.

As a party speaker, the PartyBox Encore Essential was specially created. The volume for a small house party is provided by this cubed design, which also offers some more eye-catching lighting effects that will match your music. Just keep in mind that lighting effects come at a cost to overall battery life.

The Soundcore Trance from Anker is the best budget-friendly party speaker available. The Trance is considerably less expensive than some of its rivals on this list, but it can still easily support small to medium-sized house parties. Along with the speaker’s lighting effects, the addition of IPX7 waterproofing attests to its versatility.

portable party speakers

Portable Party Speakers

large party speakers

Loudest Party Speakers

outdoor party speakers

Outdoor Party Speakers

The speakers in our collection of the best portable party speakers are relatively simple to transport and can be easily brought to events or barbecues. Although not as loud as our “large and loud” selection, these options are still very loud.

We chose products with many volumes but weren’t the most portable party speakers for our large and loud party speaker selections. Even though you can still carry them, their added weight or awkward shapes may make transportation a little more difficult.

We’ve finally assembled our picks for the best outdoor party speakers. For these picks, we focused on adding portability and weather resistance while still selecting speakers that could be considered portable party speakers. We think the most durable outdoor party speakers are the best, and lighting effects come in second.

Our Selection of the Best Portable Party Speakers

The top portable party speakers from our list. These items were chosen primarily for how much they can provide while still being portable. If you’re not too concerned about lighting effects, we also have a list of the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers.

1. Sony SRS-XP700

Speakers Reviewed Score 5-0

Specs & Features​

Battery25 hrs
Weight37 lbs

The Sony SRS-XP700 Bluetooth speaker has a ton of party-friendly features, is loud, and is portable. Versatile, louder, and more powerful than the XP500 predecessor.

The SRS-XP700 Sony Bluetooth speaker is housed in a portable and attractive enclosure, can withstand a few light splashes, and sounds great both inside and outside. The onboard adaptive equalizer analyzes the speaker’s surroundings while it is in either an upright or horizontal position, delivering consistent sound quality and characteristics no matter where you are.

The Sony SRS-output XP700’s levels are sufficient to power a medium-sized house party with people chatting over the music at a maximum volume of 99 dB on average. More importantly, even at volume levels where some experience distortion, the sound quality is still tight, clear, and punchy.

The SRS-XP700 will keep your guests entertained for up to 25 hours on a single charge and will provide 3 hours of entertainment should your party last a little longer than you had planned. It supports Bluetooth, USB, microphone, and guitar inputs. With Sony’s Fiestable App, you can control the speaker’s captivating lighting show in addition to using other features like playlist creation and personalized equalization.

2. Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-9
ultimate ears hyperboom bluetooth speaker

Specs & Features​

Battery24 hrs
Weight13 lbs

With no flashing lights, karaoke modes, or other party-focused features, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom stands out from the majority of the other Bluetooth party speakers on this list by emphasizing its superior sound quality and sophisticated design.

The cube-shaped Ultimate Ears Hyperboom can be placed anywhere and produces excellent sound in all directions. The UE Hyperboom speaker produces high-quality sound in any environment thanks to the adaptive equalization function, which analyzes its surroundings and modifies the sound signature to suit the obstacles around it, eliminating unwanted reflections and resonances.

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is one of our favorite-sounding portable Bluetooth speakers because of this feature, as well as its top-quality construction and DSP. The Hyperboom can produce volume levels that are sufficiently loud to power a small- to a medium-sized house party, and it keeps its punchy, full-bodied sound at all listening levels.

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom has additional features like splash-proof and a 24-hour playback time from the onboard battery. Considering its size, the Hyperboom is relatively lightweight and portable, allowing you to easily go wherever the party takes you.

The UE Hyperboom is a dependable, strong, portable, and great-sounding Bluetooth speaker that can be used in many situations, despite lacking entertaining, interactive party features. If you’re looking for something a little more engaging, I’d advise reading on and looking at some of our other entertainment choices.

3. JBL’s PartyBox Encore Essential

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-9
jbl partybox encore Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

Battery6 hrs
Weight13 lbs

The popular, potent PartyBox speakers, which range in size from larger tabletop speakers to enormous speaker towers, can be compared to JBL’s PartyBox Encore Essential, which is a portable version of those speakers.

All of JBL’s iconic PartyBox features are contained in the PartyBox Encore Essential, which is a more portable enclosure that fits easily in your trunk or on your person. The PartyBox Encore Essential is protected by an IPX4 weather resistance rating, so it can withstand splashes from the pool or spilled drinks; however, I wouldn’t suggest using it in extremely dangerous environments.

The interactive light show on the JBL PartyBox Encore Essential pulses to the beat of your music and can be turned off if you’d prefer. This feature is one of the device’s main selling points. The thumping low-end and the option to further boost it with the bass boost feature are present here, along with the high-end clarity and midrange depth that are hallmarks of JBL’s signature sound. The Partybox Encore Essential has a respectable volume range, perhaps loud enough to power a medium-sized party, and JBL speakers are known for their dependable battery life.

Since it is smaller than the other PartyBox speakers, I would have preferred to see a speaker mounting option for a speaker that is intended for parties. The PartyBox Encore Essential doesn’t have trouble being heard, and it powerfully and clearly projects sound at louder listening volumes.

The PartyBox Encore Essential’s battery life is the only area of concern. With only 6 hours of battery life, you might find yourself needing to plug it in to charge before your party is over if you’re going to be hosting parties at home and have access to a plug.

Our Selection of the Loudest Party Speakers

1. Soundboks 3

Speakers Reviewed Score 5-0
SOUNDBOKS Loudest Bluetooth Speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

Battery40 hrs
Weight34 lbs

The third-generation Soundboks is one of the biggest, strongest, and most impressive Bluetooth speakers on the market. Despite being difficult to transport, the enormous volume levels make up for this.

The Soundboks 3 is a serious Bluetooth speaker that is designed to resemble a PA speaker or bass amplifier. Weighing just over 30 pounds, you’ll need a friend to help you carry this one! The Soundboks 3 can produce sound in a single direction through two 10-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter, and it sounds great even at maximum volume. Up to 5 Soundboks speakers can be paired together to create a sizable speaker network for larger gatherings, which will undoubtedly rattle some windows.

The Soundboks 3 has an IPX5 water resistance rating, so you can’t exactly drop it in the lake or leave it outside in a storm, but the speaker will survive the occasional spilled drink here and there. The Soundboks 3 has a battery life of up to 40 hours, and the battery brick is removable and interchangeable so you can buy additional batteries separately and reload as needed to keep the party going.

A dual XLR/jack input for a microphone or electric instrument is included in the newest Soundboks model, and partygoers can connect using Bluetooth or 3.5mm wired auxiliary connections. Firmware updates and basic speaker control can both be done through the Soundboks app.

2. Marshall Woburn II

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-8
marshall woburn ii Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

BatteryAC Only
Weight19 lbs

The Marshall Woburn II, from one of the world’s top amplifier designers, offers incredible sound quality in a timeless, vintage-inspired casing that matches any interior decor.

I’ll start by mentioning that this speaker is not portable as it requires AC power. Because of the design of the Woburn II, it’s not a speaker we’d recommend for anyone looking to take it from place to place, but as a dedicated speaker for your house – it’s a terrific subtle pick. The Marshall Woburn II features high-quality Bluetooth streaming, as well as RCA connectors and a 3.5mm auxiliary cable.

The Marshall Woburn II sounds terrific straight out of the box, and if you feel the need to modify the tonal qualities a little, there’s a bass and treble setting on the speaker’s control panel to change the lows and highs, respectively. For further equalization tweaks, you can utilize the companion app to alter the sound signature while simultaneously executing firmware updates.

The Marshall Woburn II isn’t exactly accessible to all, however, its price tag is undoubtedly deserved by stylish design, amazing sound quality, and additional features with varied connecting options. If you’re a fan of the appearance and feel of the Woburn II, Marshall’s Stanmore and Acton speakers are available at slightly more moderate pricing points.

3. Aiwa Exos-9

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-7
Aiwa Exos 9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

Battery9 hrs
Weight15.3 lbs

Our other fave is the Aiwa Exos-9. with a somewhat more distinctive style that looks wonderful on nightstands, kitchen countertops, and home entertainment systems. Although the Aiwa Exos-9 looks and sounds wonderful in interior settings, it cannot be subjected to rain or other hazardous chemicals. Nevertheless, it is strong enough to be used outdoors occasionally.

The Aiwa Exos-9 sounds great at all volume levels and can become rather loud. It’s refreshing to see a bass-heavy speaker that doesn’t obstruct the rest of the frequency spectrum. Bass-heads will be happy to know that this speaker delivers lots of low-end pounding, certain to get your guests moving.

The Aiwa Exos-9’s battery is where, in my opinion, it falls short. Although it can power a nightlong house party for up to 9 hours, straining the volume restrictions will just shorten this battery’s already terribly limited lifespan. To make matters worse, the speaker can’t be used while it recharges because the battery needs to be taken out in order to be charged.

The Aiwa Exos-9 has a 3.5mm auxiliary plug for people who prefer wired connections, and using this connection could also help preserve battery life. Bluetooth connections are reliable and high-quality.

Our Selection of the Best Outdoor Party Speakers

1. Turtlebox Gen 2

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-9
turtlebox gen 2 Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

Battery25 hrs
Weight10 lbs

The 2nd Generation Turtlebox speaker is dependable, incredibly powerful, and distinctive—likely it’s the most resilient Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever examined.

The Turtlebox Gen 2 is made entirely of durable plastic, is shaped like a military lunchbox, and can withstand drops, harsh blows, and exposure to snow, sand, dust, or high-pressure water without losing any of its functionality. The Turtlebox is ideal for beach parties because it can easily be washed down after a sand-filled day and is easily transportable (even though it is a touch heavy, it can still be handled with one hand).

The Turtlebox Gen 2 can operate for about 25 hours before you need to obtain a charger, though if you’re careful about how loud you listen, you should get a little bit more time. However, this speaker is really loud, so you shouldn’t need to turn it up all the way unless you’re throwing a sizable house party.

The Turtlebox Gen 2 can easily achieve ear-shattering decibels while maintaining the highest level of audio quality, making it one of the louder speakers on this list in terms of loudness. Due to the muffled sound produced by low-level listening, this speaker is meant to be played loudly.

2. JBL Boombox II

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-9
jbl boombox II Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

Battery24 hrs
Weight13 lbs

JBL’s Boombox II Bluetooth speaker features a traditional boombox design with a contemporary twist and delivers the bass-heavy sound and distinctive loudness of boombox speakers.

The JBL Boombox II can endure some severe liquid contact thanks to its IPX7 water-resistant rating and excellent build quality. This speaker is undoubtedly resilient. Even though it’s not the lightest speaker on this list, it’s still manageable to carry around and doesn’t take up much space.

Similar to most JBL speakers, the sound quality here is excellent; one can anticipate a tight low-end response with the ability to amp up the bass even higher, while the remaining frequency range maintains clarity and detail. The JBL Boombox II is great at projecting sound in all directions, and it generally sounds the same no matter how you’re facing the speaker. Regarding volume, the JBL Boombox II can produce a sound of excellent quality and achieve some really astounding volumes considering its size.

The Boombox II is a fantastic on-the-go Bluetooth speaker for partygoers, featuring superb sound quality, durability, and a respectable battery life of up to 24 hours. The JBL Boombox II doesn’t have any interactive features if that’s what you’re looking for; it just works and sounds amazing. Other options include lighting features.

3. Soundcore Trance

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-8
soundcore trance bluetooth speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

Volume200 W
Battery9 hrs
Weight13 lbs

The Soundcore Trance is a lightweight, transportable, and sturdy outdoor speaker alternative that is incredibly loud for its size and is perfect for the beach, lake, or camping. Having said that, the Trance also functions admirably as a system for home parties, and because of its tasteful and unobtrusive design, it can be used in other areas of the house as well.

On a budget, the Soundcore Trance provides a high-end Bluetooth speaker experience. Strong battery life, excellent durability, high-quality sound reproduction, plus a few additional entertaining, interactive elements for social gatherings or leisure listening can all be expected. The Trance comes with a variety of connecting choices, and its companion app is not only entertaining but also useful for basic speaker control.

For those worried that this tiny speaker won’t be loud enough to power a party, I can tell you that it does! The Trance sounds loud and strong with a full-bodied and immersive sound quality thanks to its over 100W of power delivered by a 5.25-inch woofer and two 2-inch tweeters.

Although not many changes have been made between the Trance and the Rave Mini speaker from Soundcore, the Trance still delivers excellent value for money. However, you might be able to find a Rave Mini at an even better price without compromising functionality or sound quality.

How We Choose Our Items

We didn’t want to just provide a list of items without much guidance as to which is ideal for you when we put up this list of what we believe to be the best party speakers currently on the market. To make your purchasing process simpler, we took the effort to determine how to best divide these categories.


We didn’t want to limit ourselves to presenting a list of expensive gadgets that are out of the price range of the typical consumer. We didn’t avoid costly, high-end party speakers, but we also included those that were more reasonably priced and yet performed well enough for us to feel confident in recommending them. Particularly when it comes to party speakers, having a bigger budget will give you advantages over the more affordable options.


The definition of a “party” varies from person to person; what one person views as a party, another person may view as a casual social gathering. However, we think that when selecting a party speaker, volume is crucial. Our top picks for loud party speakers are those that can accommodate crowds of more than 50 individuals. For those who prefer their parties to be a little quieter and perhaps aren’t seeking the loudest speaker available, we have also included a few possibilities; for those who are, you can check out our list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.


We believe that being portable is a key quality of a strong party speaker. While some of the speakers on our list may not be the lightest available, they are still manageable to transport between locations. This adaptability ensures that your party speaker may be quickly moved between rooms in your house or carried to a friend’s BBQ.


Although waterproofing is not a need for every party speaker, it is crucial to have if you intend to use the device frequently outside. We’ve also added speakers that are all waterproof in some way. Most party speakers have IPX4 protection, which should be sufficient for everyday use as it easily enables protection from light rain.

We advise being a little stricter with your waterproof rating if you like to position your party speaker next to your pool or at the lake. A gadget with an IPX7 certification will be protected from being submerged in water, while one with an IP67 rating will also be protected from dust.

Battery Life

Previously, party speakers had poor battery life. Lithium-ion technology has seen considerable advancements from manufacturers recently, giving portable Bluetooth speakers amazing battery life.

Speakers that didn’t give what we considered to be a sufficient amount of battery life for a party speaker were disqualified. Of course, if you frequently throw parties in the same room of the house where they can stay plugged in, battery life isn’t usually that crucial.

Lighting Effects

Although light effects are frequently regarded as gimmicky and perhaps even tacky, you’ll find that they actually constitute a significant portion of the best party speakers available. Although it’s true that RGB speaker lights are the last thing you want next to your wood-finished record player, they can actually contribute a lot to the ambiance at a party, especially if they pulse in time with the music. The majority of the products we choose feature LED lighting effects in some way.

Sound Quality

In contrast to volume, a speaker’s frequency response and clarity are what determines how well it produces sound. It’s simple to locate speakers that are loud but have poor audio quality, as well as speakers that are loud but don’t have the necessary volume.

Products that strike a balance between these two factors are the ones we’ve chosen. Of all, if we only cared about audio quality, we’d only have expensive goods, which are still out of reach for the majority of consumers. As a result, we carefully considered how to strike a balance between cost and sound quality, while also choosing a few more expensive items that, despite being more expensive, offer superior audio integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How loud should a speaker at a party be?

For any party speaker, we advise volume levels of at least 80 dB; for larger gatherings, aim for 100 dB. Look for a party speaker with more than 115dB of volume if you want to fill a large outdoor space or the entire floor of a house.

Does my party speaker require light effects?

While we certainly value lighting effects on speakers, this is completely a matter of taste. The increased brightness can completely change how teenagers and younger people see the environment. In the meantime, there are more subdued and conceivably “adult” speaker alternatives. These are less overt and blend in better with a domestic setting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use one to host a party.

Do I need a portable speaker for my party?

Having a portable party speaker is far more important if you are someone who is constantly at other people’s houses rather than someone who has parties at their place. Similarly to this, portability will be crucial if you enjoy being outside or want to carry your speaker with you when you leave the house.

Will waterproofing help my party speaker?

An IPX4 rating or higher is usually sufficient for everyday use. However, we advise choosing something a little more sealed for individuals who prefer putting their speakers outside. Even an IPX7 rating will function flawlessly around the pool, without any genuine concerns. An IP67 rating will protect you from both dust and water submersion.

Our Top Pick!

Sony SRS-XP700

The Sony XP700 is the total package—a stunning speaker with enough lighting effects for any event and top-notch audio.

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