best Floating Pool Speaker Speakers Reviewed

Best Floating Pool Speakers

Even though most of us are familiar with waterproof speakers, floating pool speakers are unique in that they are made specifically to float rather than just to withstand water. This is different from Bluetooth speakers that also float in that they can still deliver crystal-clear sound, which is frequently not the case with Bluetooth speakers that can float but weren’t made with that intention and purpose.

duoten ipx7 floating speaker Speakers Reviewed
Our Top Pick!

DuoTen Pool Speaker

a multipurpose speaker that floats and can be attached to shower doors. Numerous additional features come with good audio quality.

Best Lighting Effects

kingsom floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Kingsom Speaker

The Kingsom offers both impressive lighting options and top-notch audio. Its IP68 waterproofing is arguably its most impressive feature.

Best Battery Life

poolmaster 54504 floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Poolmaster 54504

The Poolmaster, another strong contender on our list, stands out from the competition thanks to its crystal-clear audio and up to 10 hours of battery life.

Best Value

blufree floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Blufree Speaker

The Blufree speaker provides excellent sound quality, 10W of output, and a low price without breaking the bank.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker or Floating Pool Speaker?

The most frequent and logical question is whether you actually require a waterproof Bluetooth speaker or a floating pool speaker. While both could be considered waterproof Bluetooth speakers, the floating pool speakers—which were already mentioned—are special in that they are designed to float for extended periods of time.

If you’re looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for your child, floating pool speakers are a fantastic option. Not only will it keep them occupied, but perhaps even more valuable, it will give them a soundtrack to their youth that they can look back on with nostalgia.

For those who spend a lot of time near large bodies of water, they offer a significant advantage over conventional Bluetooth speakers. What could be more enjoyable than hanging out with friends on the lake? Well, it’s even better if you have a portable speaker with you to use.

The majority of floating pool speakers also include an LED light, many of which can make your pool area come alive at night and are also popular with children.

On average, regular waterproof Bluetooth speakers have better audio quality, but their use in the water is much more restricted. Although you won’t be able to use the majority of these waterproof Bluetooth speakers in the water, they will prevent damage if they unintentionally fall into the water.

The audio quality typically degrades when a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is submerged in water because the drivers are frequently at least partially submerged. As a result, as water levels fluctuate around the speaker, the sound quality may sound muddled or change abruptly in clarity.

Our Selection of the Best Floating Pool Speakers

1. DuoTen Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 5-0
duoten ipx7 floating speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IPX7
Battery Life:Up to 8 Hours

The striking and cutting-edge DuoTen Bluetooth Speaker is up next. There are many uses for this DuoTen speaker, which is housed in a vivid blue and green enclosure, both inside and outside of swimming pools.

The DuoTen Bluetooth speaker is rated IPX7 water-resistant, making it usable in the rain, sand, and snow in addition to the water, where it can, of course, withstand a brief shallow submersion if required. On a hike, the DuoTen speaker can be hung from your backpack or belt with the help of a carabiner. Its lightweight construction barely weighs you down. It can also be attached to a bike frame so that it rides along with you when you go for a bike ride through the streets or mountains.

The built-in suction cup on the speaker’s base is a feature I really like because it allows you to securely attach the device to any suitable surface, such as a shower wall, a car or boat windscreen, or a stand-up paddleboard, without having to worry about it possibly falling off. The speaker’s IPX7 rating also allows it to float in the water alongside you with little risk of product damage.

Regarding connectivity, the DuoTen supports FM radio compatibility, where the attachable antenna can be extended to improve signal quality, as well as Bluetooth pairing, where a stable transmission range of approximately 66 feet is to be expected.

Due to the DuoTen’s small size, the biggest problem we encountered was the possibility of it capsizing if someone were to jump into and out of a pool. As a result, it’s best used in areas of water where there isn’t a high risk of turning over, even though the IPX7 rating will give you enough time to flip the speaker over and prevent damage should it turn over.

Although the DuoTen speaker doesn’t offer anything unique compared to the majority of the other speakers on this list, its sound quality is adequate for its size and price point. In fact, it far exceeded my expectations. The DuoTen supports true wireless stereo pairing with a similar device, enabling a wider stereo field and louder listening levels.

The DuoTen speaker’s control panel is on top of the device, and the buttons are well-made and simple to use. The control panel also has a tiny LED screen that shows the battery life, the time, and the source signal (Bluetooth or FM). Neat stuff! Additionally, the speaker has an LED light show feature that lets you choose a constant color, let the speaker cycle through the 7 available colors, or turn on a beat-driven light show that makes the LEDs flash in time with your music.

The DuoTen Bluetooth speaker offers a variety of amazing features at a very reasonable price. I really appreciate the extra features, like the suction cup, digital clock, and FM radio compatibility, which are uncommon on these Bluetooth floating pool speakers. The disadvantages are mostly related to some glitchy audio issues in the battery-saver mode and the smaller size making it more prone to turning over.

2. Mcanbr Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-9
Mcanbr floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IPX7
Battery Life:Up to 5 Hours

Another small, kid-friendly product that works well in any water-based environment is the Mcanbr floating speaker. The Mcanbr has an IPX7 water resistance rating, which enables complete waterproofing. Should it ever find itself underwater, it can even survive a brief shallow submersion. The Bluetooth pairing procedure for the Mcanbr is incredibly simple, and the wireless range is surprisingly robust. The speaker can also read music-filled TF cards.

The Mcanbr floating Bluetooth speaker has a UFO-like shape, with the control panel and LED system mounted on top of the disc with the speakers facing the sky.

A pair of tweeters and three passive bass radiators are used by the Mcanbr to produce sound quality that is surprisingly good. The Mcanbr reproduces low-end energy adequately when compared to other speakers of this size, with adequate clarity in the upper midrange and high end. Even though it lacks a little punch and depth, this speaker ultimately surpassed my expectations. Again, I’m astonished by how loud the Mcanbr can get because I didn’t think such a small speaker could produce the volume levels it can.

On the speaker’s control panel, the onboard LED lighting system can be turned on or off, and a number of lighting color schemes can be chosen to match the atmosphere. When operating at maximum brightness levels, the LED brightness can also be adjusted, and it adds some really cool effects to your swimming pool at night. The Mcanbr is also offered in a variety of color combinations, including Green/White, Red/Black, and Blue/Yellow.

The Mcanbr has a pretty bad battery life, to be honest. With the LED system turned off and the device set to about 50% volume, the 2000mAh battery can only last up to about 4 hours of playback. The speaker should therefore survive a swim of up to 1.5 hours at maximum volume with the lights on; any longer would put it at risk.

Overall, the sound quality is excellent for a speaker of this price and size, but this must be balanced against the dearth of extra features and the weak battery life. The Mcanbr will certainly do the trick if you’re looking for a good-sounding, entertaining speaker to accompany you for brief periods in the pool; however, this speaker wouldn’t go with you on a camping trip or day at the lake without needing to be recharged.

3. Poolmaster 54504 Floating Pool Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-9
poolmaster 54504 floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IPX7
Battery Life:Up to 10 Hours

Another speaker in the UFO design, the Poolmaster promises useful features and superior sound quality in a floating design that is suitable for swimming pools. Because of its IPX7 water resistance rating, the Poolmaster can withstand any exposure to the elements, including brief submersion in water, though doing so is not advised.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Poolmaster offers a reasonably reliable connection range of up to 60 feet. Furthermore, two Poolmaster speakers can be Bluetooth paired to create a larger speaker network for a stereo effect or just to play music louder.

Additionally, the Poolmaster supports hands-free calling, which I wish more other models would have. The incoming caller will be identified by the Poolmaster, and you can choose whether to accept, reject, or redial the call using the control panel above the speaker. There isn’t much of a delay and the call quality on this speaker is almost as good as your mobile phone.

The Poolmaster has an LED function, similar to most floating pool speakers, to add some atmosphere to your nighttime swim or outdoor party. Using the controls on the speaker, you can cycle through 7 different colors to match the situation or mood. The controls are simple to use, and the LED is bright and colorful.

Even though the Poolmaster is marketed as a floating speaker for use in hot tubs, lakes, rivers, and pools, it’s important to note that it also produces excellent sound indoors.

Regarding sound quality, I’m once more astounded by the speaker’s ability to produce a loud, rich sound for its size and price. The Poolmaster certainly does the trick for listening to spoken word content like podcasts or audiobooks while in the pool, but it’s not for audiophiles or anyone who takes their music seriously.

Another impressive aspect of the Poolmaster is its battery, which allowed me to use it for roughly 10 hours at about 70% volume with the LED off. Around five hours of playtime should be possible with stereo pairing, bright lights, and a loud listening session. The Poolmaster’s battery is therefore definitely adequate for occasional casual use in the pool, even though it might not be enough for a weekend getaway at the lake.

In conclusion, this speaker is a great floatable pool speaker for kids, parties, or casual use due to its sound quality, battery life, and additional features for a reasonably low price. Its robust construction enables use in wet environments, and you can easily throw it in the truck and take it on a camping or hiking trip with you.

One thing the Poolmaster does not have is Bluetooth connectivity. Although Poolmaster claims a range of up to 60 feet, there seem to be problems, at least with some units’ receivers, that limit how far away your Bluetooth source can be before the device loses the connection.

4. Uufoo Floating Duck Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-8
uuffoo floating duck speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IP67
Battery Life:Up to 5 Hours

The rubber duck, arguably the most recognizable floating object, and Bluetooth speaker technology have been combined by Uuffoo. The floating duck speaker is made to be used in a bath, hot tub, lake, or pool next to you so you can listen to your favorite music while participating in any aquatic activity!

If used properly—the speaker driver is on top of the duck and should not be submerged—it can withstand splashes and other types of water contact and is supported by an IP67 weather-resistance rating. The floating duck is relatively small and lightweight. Its polyethylene plastic construction allows for buoyancy.

Additionally, the PE plastic construction increases durability by shielding the duck from unintentional drops. The floating duck is white but is said to be paintable. A remote-controlled onboard LED illuminates the entire duck in a variety of colors. The power on/off slider is the only button or switch on the duck itself; volume control and music playback are both controlled by the remote.

The floating duck can last for approximately 4.5 hours of playtime at its highest output level when using the neutral LED as opposed to other lighting options. It is recharged using a charging dock. When compared to speakers of a similar size, this speaker’s battery life is fairly poor, but one must keep in mind that it is more of a novelty item than a high-quality speaker.

I can’t say I was disappointed because I didn’t have high expectations for the sound quality in this place. The sound quality of a speaker this size and made of polyethylene won’t be the best; the bass response is essentially nonexistent, and the midrange has an unpleasant “boxy” quality that significantly alters any sounds you play through it. The output volume of the floating duck can’t really be pushed past 70% without causing terrible distortion, and it can’t really reach party-starting volume levels.

Overall, the floating duck is an entertaining speaker that kids can use to play or that adults can use to listen to a podcast while floating in the water. Beyond that, I wouldn’t suggest this speaker to anyone who takes their commitment to sound quality seriously. If all you’re looking for is a light-up floatable item, I’m sure a less expensive option could be found. The floating duck can also be used solely as a color-changing rubber duck. I would only describe this as a great stocking stuffer type of item.

5. Kingsom Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-7
kingsom floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IP68
Battery Life:Up to 7 Hours

The Kingsom floatable Bluetooth speaker, which comes in both blue and purple, is a chic and functional speaker for use both on land and in water. Due to its IP68 water resistance rating, this Kingsom speaker can be used in all environments and even submerged up to 3 feet underwater for about 2 hours. Only Bluetooth pairing is supported by the Kingsom, and pairing up to an 85-foot distance is supported using Bluetooth 5.0.

For nighttime pool lighting, the Kingsom Bluetooth speaker has an integrated LED lighting system with 8 color themes, including fast flashing, slow flashing, and fixed colors on or off. The speaker’s egg-like design places the light below the water’s surface, acting as an underwater lighting system that lights up your entire pool rather than just the water’s surface.

I was surprised by the Kingsom’s audio quality, which managed to produce respectably loud volumes for a speaker of its size while still maintaining a respectable degree of stereo spread and a balanced frequency response. This speaker sounds good enough for casual listening without making you cringe at the thin, boxy sound most speakers like this produce, even though you can’t expect a speaker of this price, size, and construction to produce audiophile-grade sound.

It is unfortunate that true wireless stereo is not supported here, as the stereo spread of this speaker is also wider than anticipated. This speaker’s battery life is also respectable, providing up to 7 hours of playback at 80% of its maximum volume while the LED features are turned on. To further improve battery performance, the Kingsom also automatically switches to sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity and shuts down after 60 minutes.

The Kingsom floating pool speaker performs admirably as an all-purpose Bluetooth speaker as well, but I wouldn’t take it outside of the house because of its cheap plastic construction, which might not hold up to a hike or camping trip if it were dropped or crushed by something.

Overall, the Kingsom Bluetooth floating pool speaker provides excellent value for the money thanks to its strong battery life, decent sound quality, and captivating LED lighting for your pool. Even though it might not be the best-built Bluetooth speaker, it is still worth the money and, with proper care, should last until a newer model is introduced.

6. Blufree Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-6
blufree floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IPX7
Battery Life:Up to 5+ Hours

The next item on our list is a portable, basketball-shaped speaker from Blufree that offers all the lovely pool-friendly and entertaining features, making it a great choice for gifts, kids, or general home use. The Blufree speaker is another IPX7 speaker that can withstand almost any exposure to dangerous situations, including a brief period of shallow submersion.

The Blufree is built reasonably well, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable throwing it around in the back of a truck like some other speakers can. I’d feel more at ease using this speaker inside and outside of my home rather than taking it to the lake, river, or beach. Play, pause, skip, and volume up/down controls are all available on the unit’s control panel, along with power and, of course, the modes for the LED lighting.

When used ashore, the Blufree can pair with Bluetooth devices up to about 50 feet away and also accepts a USB input. A stereo pair or simply a louder system can be created by connecting two Blufree speakers together.

Although I wouldn’t use this speaker to power a house party, the sound quality of this Blufree speaker is quite good. This speaker has enough power to drive some beats and get the dance floor open, making it suitable for informal use by the pool or at a small gathering.

Regarding the speaker’s actual sonic performance, I was taken aback by its low-end response. While it wasn’t exactly ear-shattering bass, I didn’t expect the speaker to have a warm-ish lower midrange and relatively fat bass from one of this size, price, and plastic construction. The speaker could be turned up to a respectable listening level before some distortion set in, but the sound quality did start to deteriorate a little at such volumes. The high end did seem a little “tinny,” but this was to be expected.

Although it can be challenging to be heard if you are more than about 4 feet away from the speaker, the Blufree speaker accepts hands-free calling, and the microphone is adequate.

Overall, I can’t say I’m dissatisfied with this speaker given its startlingly low price, but I’d prefer to spend a little more money and get more features and better sound quality.

7. Skywin Hot Tub Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers Reviewed Score 4-6
skywin floating pool speaker Speakers Reviewed

Specs & Features​

IPX Rating:IPX7
Battery Life:Up to 5+ Hours

All of the speakers on this list can be used in hot tubs, but the Skywin portable Bluetooth speaker has been especially created for them. Its stylish color scheme and design go well with most hot tub constructions.

The Skywin speaker’s circular design makes it suitable for a range of placements; whether it is suspended from the ceiling, set on the coffee table, or submerged in water, the sound quality and projection should be unaffected. The Skywin speaker is quite a bit larger than most of the speakers on this list (roughly double, I’d say), so it might not be the best to bring along for a camping trip or carry around with you, but it’ll work just fine for use around the house and in the water.

Due to its IPX7 water resistance, the Skywin Bluetooth speaker is suitable for use in almost all environments, including brief submersion. The drivers and control panel are located on top of the floating unit in the Skywin speaker’s design, and the LED lighting system is suspended below the water’s surface to illuminate your pool.

When the LED lights are turned off, the Skywin Bluetooth speaker’s battery life is approximately 5 hours at 80% volume. This would equate to approximately 2-2.5 hours of listening at the maximum volume with the lights on—not the best battery life, but still comparable to the majority of the items on this list.

This Skywin speaker doesn’t have the best sound quality. One would notice a clear lack of low end and thin, harsh high frequencies that easily distort when volume levels are pushed in comparison to others on this list. This speaker will function as promised for low-key background music, but I wouldn’t suggest using it for any upbeat, loud music. The device’s built-in microphone is comparable to the one on a smartphone, making hands-free calling simple.

In conclusion, the Skywin offers good value for money and has all the essential features you want in a floating pool speaker, but for a little bit more, you could get a much better speaker that offers more versatility, higher audio quality, and extra features.

Buyer’s Guide

We started by eliminating all initial products with frequent manufacturing or reliability issues before making our top picks for the best floating pool speakers. Given that most smaller businesses produce floating pool speakers, quite a few items have already been eliminated from the list.

Battery Life

For almost all portable speakers, noting the battery life is crucial, and floating speakers are no exception. The last thing you want is for the music to stop mid-experience because of a weak battery.

Different batteries have different needs. You can get by with the majority of products on the market if you only spend an hour or two in the pool and want to buy a floating pool speaker for that purpose alone. However, if you frequently spend time in other bodies of water, such as a lake while on vacation, you may want to make sure that your floating speaker can give you and your friends enough battery life to spend the entire day in the water.

Additionally, keep in mind that battery life is typically influenced by how you use it. While some manufacturers may provide you with an exaggerated figure based on low volume use, we always advise checking the estimated battery life at full volume to get a better idea of what to anticipate. The LED lighting effects on your speaker will also cause your battery to deplete more quickly.

Here, a lithium-ion battery is something to watch out for. It’s very practical to have a lithium-ion battery with good integration that can be recharged using a micro USB or standard USB cable. You do not want to constantly have to purchase batteries.

The KingSom and the Poolmaster, according to our research, have some of the best battery life on our list.

Audio Quality

As with any speaker, you should pay close attention to the audio quality. When purchasing floating pool speakers, you should understand that they probably won’t offer the same wide audio experience as many of the more expensive Bluetooth speakers on the market. The frequency response ranges are a good example of this.

Speaking of unique design approaches, floating pool speakers spend more of their development budget on things like waterproofing, affordability, and lighting effects.

Please understand that we are not claiming that all floating pool speakers have poor audio quality; rather, we found some surprisingly good performances while researching these products. In most cases, they will be suitable for the intended use. However, if you consider audio quality to be very important, we advise looking at your options. A quality waterproof Bluetooth speaker placed on the side of your pool will probably provide a more satisfying experience if all you want is some sound while you’re swimming.


Possibly the most significant issue with regard to speakers intended for submersion. Your floating speaker won’t experience issues during its intended use if it has good waterproofing and a sturdy design.

The most common designs for these speakers focus on fully waterproof elements because they aren’t typically made to be fully submerged, while other parts of the speaker are more vulnerable to water damage if they tip over or end up submerged.

However, floating pool speakers typically take this into account when designing them and can still last for a fair amount of time before they start having problems with leaking and subsequent product damage.

The items on our list are typically either IPX7 or IP67/IP68. All of these waterproofing levels are acceptable, but IP68 will be the most resilient. Although we don’t advise submerging floating pool speakers, you will be protected if something goes wrong and your device ends up falling over or submerging for a short while.


Choosing a well-thought-out control arrangement can enhance the experience with floating pool speakers, even though it may not be the first feature you consider when considering a speaker purchase.

The only way to change the volume, the song, pause the music, etc. on a floating speaker without a control panel is to use your phone (or another Bluetooth source). We find that using a floating speaker is made significantly simpler by a good control panel with a good layout and easy-to-press buttons.


Particularly when buying a product for a child, durability is a crucial factor to consider. Your speaker will most likely experience some sort of impact at some point. You can feel confident that the product you purchase will last a long time if you make sure it is made of sturdy materials.

Like with most purchases, your choice will largely depend on the intended use of the item and the environment in which it will be used. Durability won’t be as important if you’re just looking for a background speaker to float around your pool while you take a leisurely late-night swim. Neither the deterioration of the materials brought on by hours of sunlight nor the possibility of a cannonball landing on it would be a concern.

Stereo Pairing

When two speakers are paired in stereo, each speaker becomes its own distinct audio channel, with the left speaker acting as the left and the right speaker as the right.

Nowadays, stereo pairing is not only reserved for expensive Bluetooth speakers. Increasingly, the Bluetooth market is using this strategy to add more depth to the audio, and floating pool speakers are no exception.

It’s worth thinking about stereo pairing your speakers if you have a very large pool or intend to use them in a large body of water in order to both increases the depth of your sound and create a larger area of sound out on the water. You can make sure that both the shallow and deep ends of your pool receive audio by placing paired speakers a slight distance apart from one another.

The same brand and model of a floating speaker will typically work with the stereo pairing. It follows that a Poolmaster floating speaker will most likely only pair with other Poolmaster floating speakers if you have one.

Bluetooth Connectivity

While Bluetooth connectivity is offered by every model on our list, it should be noted that not all Bluetooth is created equal. With Bluetooth 5, faster transfer rates and a longer connection range are guaranteed.

This isn’t an area you want to skimp on since almost all floating pool speakers rely solely on Bluetooth for connectivity. No matter if you use Bluetooth 4 or 5, the Bluetooth version probably won’t be a problem if you only intend to use the speaker close to your mobile device. However, Bluetooth 5 is required if you intend to have your Bluetooth source a long distance from the speaker.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers make note of the Bluetooth version, so if you want a speaker with a long-range, we strongly advise making sure the option you choose supports Bluetooth 5.

Lighting Effects

While most LED lights are by no means necessary, they are frequently positioned to give a product a little extra flair. However, the included lighting in the majority of models can provide more with floating pool speakers than just something fun for the kids to look at. For those who take evening dips in the pool during the summer, they can actually be beneficial.

Not all floating pool speakers, however, provide adequate lighting that can help illuminate your speaker or the water nearby to the extent you may be looking for. For instance, the Mcanbr has plenty of top-mounted lighting but none that actually illuminates the water. Models like the Skywin, Bluefree, KingSom, and Poolmaster, on the other hand, provide more comprehensive lighting additions that are intended to illuminate the water around them.


We advise looking at the warranties offered by the manufacturer if you’re looking to spend money on one of these speakers because floating pool speakers are frequently produced by smaller businesses without a well-known brand name. If your floating speaker doesn’t perform as promised, you have the option of a refund or replacement, which can reduce some of the stress associated with the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Floating Pool Speakers Waterproof?

The majority of models of floating pool speakers should provide some level of water resistance. That does not, however, imply that they are designed to be submerged. Pool speakers are typically built with a platform where the speaker driver is housed and with at least a minimal level of water resistance. We suggest an IPX7-rated speaker if you’re concerned that it might get wet while being used.

How Do Pool Speakers Differ From Floating Pool Speakers?

When someone mentions a pool speaker, even though both are types, they typically mean a mounted speaker that is installed around your pool area. These are a common variety of patio speaker that is mounted beneath the patio eaves. Traditional mounted pool speakers will typically cost considerably more than floating pool speakers, but they will also deliver higher-quality audio.

Do Floating Pool Speakers Work Underwater?

You won’t be able to hear music underwater through these speakers because they are submerged in water. Aquasonic speakers can be used to create underwater audio, but they can cost thousands of dollars.

duoten ipx7 floating speaker Speakers Reviewed
Our Top Pick!

DuoTen Pool Speaker

a multipurpose speaker that floats and can be attached to shower doors. Numerous additional features come with good audio quality.

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